July 18, 2007 – OAKLAND, CA. – PsPrint, LLC has announced that it will assist Wells Fargo’s Business and Real Estate Financing group (BREF) in creating and fulfilling direct marketing tools and resources for BREF’s independent brokerage network. PsPrint, LLC is a leading provider of printing, mailing and design services for small and medium-sized businesses and specializes in producing direct mail solutions for the real estate and mortgage industries. The alliance will provide brokers with professionally-produced design templates that can be customized by independent brokers to market themselves more efficiently to consumers and businesses.

“BREF was trying to find a better way to support their brokerage network with the tools needed to reach out and promote their services in a competitive marketplace,” said Chris Hendricks, Director of Business Development at PsPrint. “With an emphasis on personal marketing that their brokers need to be successful, PsPrint had the logical solution. We’re helping them deliver useful tools that will make every one of their brokers more successful at marketing themselves and their businesses throughout their local communities.”

The agreement will allow BREF to offer a full suite of design templates for brokers to use when promoting their independent services. The software program helps brokers select, customize, produce, and mail professional marketing materials to prospects and clients quickly, affordably, and easily. “Wells has allowed us to use some creative delivery vehicles to present marketing materials to their brokerage network in ways that make the design, production, and buying experience simple and efficient,” says Hendricks. “BREF brokers will be delighted with the tools and services Wells Fargo is making available to them and we’re proud to be a part of the solution”

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