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Raster means to convert mathematical and digital information into a series of dots by an imagesetter as digital data that will be used for output.

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Raster Image Processor (RIP)

Rastor image processor or RIP for short is a device that translates page description commands into bitmapped information for an output device such as an imagesetter. A raster image processor is used to convert the output of a pre-press computer system into a format usable by an imagesetter.

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Abbreviation for raster image processor.

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Ruleup or press layout is a drawing that shows how a printing job must be imposed using a specific press and sheet size. It shows where pieces will be cut, perforated and folded.

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Saddle-Stitched, commonly referred to as saddle stapled, is a binding that features one or more staples in the spine of the book or booklet. Saddle-Stitched (stapled) is one of the binding options for PsPrint booklets and catalogs.

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Score is a shallow crease where a sheet of paper will be folded. A score is important because it prevents the ink (and paper) from cracking at the edge of the fold.

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Scoring is the process of pressing a "channel" into a sheet of paper to allow it to fold more easily. Scoring is important because it prevents the ink (and paper) from cracking at the edge of the fold.

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Split Run

Split run is the printing of a book or booklet that has some copies bound one way and other copies bound another way.

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Tree-Free refers to certain paper types that are made from renewable resources other than trees, such as bamboo, cotton, or hemp.

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Typesetting means to layout words, text and logos for printing.

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