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Bleeds: Artwork that reaches the cutline need to be extended to the red line. Add a total of 0.25" to your original size for proper bleed. (0.125" to each side of your artwork)

Safety: Text outside the blue line will
get cut off in the trimming process.
Make sure all information does not
go over the blue line.



Bleeds: Artwork extends to the red dotted line for proper bleed.

Safety: Text is inside the blue dotted line to prevent information from getting cut off.



Bleeds are required in all artwork with an image extending to one of the borders. Add a quarter inch (0.125") to each side to allow for cutting. For example, for a 4” x 6” postcard with full bleed, the image size should be submitted at 4.25” x 6.25” (red box).

0.125" (1/8”) on each edge of the card will be trimmed off during the cutting process. This will leave you a
4” x 6” standard post card (black box).

Your type (text) should be 0.125" (1/8”) inside the cut box on each side. This will guarantee your text to not be cut off from your artwork (blue box).