Fun Birthday Invitation Wording for Kids

Fun Birthday Invitation Wording for Kids
Kids’ birthday invitation wording is some of the most exciting writing you’ll ever pen. You’re celebrating a special moment in your child’s life, and what better way to invite guests than with unique, creative and fun invitations? For incredibly fun birthday invitation wording for kids, you can get inspiration from the examples below.

Superhero-themed birthday invitation wording

Superhero themes are popular for kids’ birthday parties, and if your boy or girl wants to have a superhero party you can get inspiration from the following kids’ birthday invitation wording ideas.

Up, up, and away!
It’s time to party and play!
(Name)’s turning 8,
Will you help us celebrate?

Party seekers have no fear
The amazing (name) is here
To scare evil-doers and help the good
Enjoy birthday cake and ice cream as a superhero should!

Princess-themed birthday invitation wording

Another popular birthday theme is princesses, or royalty in general. The following passage should give your kids’ birthday invitation wording ideas.

Calling all jesters, calling all queens
To celebrate the special day
(Name) is turning thirteen
And you’re invited to her birthday!

Circus-themed birthday invitation wording

The big top, clowns, ringmasters and all is a popular kids’ birthday party theme.

Come one, come all
To the greatest birthday party of all
Where you’ll help (Name) celebrate
The special day that she turns 8!

Traditional kid birthday invitation wording

Sometimes you want a more traditional, formal tone to your kids’ birthday invitations wording – but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun!

All the years are special, all the days are great
And on (date) you’re invited to help us celebrate
The cherished moments, the fun and laughs
The past, the present, the future bash
It takes a village, as they say
And we’d love to have you here on (Name)’s special day

Animal-themed birthday party invitation wording

Animals will always be sources of amusement for many children, and it is no surprise that many kids love animal-themed birthday parties!

The giraffes are here and so are the bears
The lions, tigers and zebras, too
To celebrate (Name)’s (year)th birthday
Now, where are you?

General kid birthday party invitation wording

If you just want a general party atmosphere for your kids’ birthday party invitation wording, look no further than the following passage for inspiration.

Balloons go up, candles blow out
Kids all around jump and shout
The date draws near and we want you hear
To celebrate (Name)’s (Year)th year!

Of course, your invitations should always include the time, date and location of your party. Once you have settled on your kids’ birthday party invitation wording, all you have to do is put it in a cool design and have it professionally printed and mailed to recipients.

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