How to Upload and Attach Your Artwork

In this video, we will show you how to upload and attach your artwork to your order.

Starting on your Order Confirmation page, you can upload your artwork by clicking the My Jobs button.

On the My Job page, you can find all the details about your order, and you can upload your artwork. Go ahead and click the Need Artwork link, which will take you to the Job Details page.

You will upload the front of your printed piece first. Select your file to upload. Please make sure that your image is at least 300 dpi so your printed piece will look its best. Click Upload File. It will take a few seconds to upload your file. You should see the artwork for the front. Now we can move on to the backside.

You will want to see your artwork before you approve it, so click the Preview to Approve button. This will take you to the template page open the crop tool window, where you can see the bleed lines, cut lines and safety lines so you can make sure your artwork is correct and doesn’t fall outside the layout guidelines meets our printing requirements.

Click the Next button to see your artwork on the template. You can position your artwork within the cropbox by dragging it with your mouse. Once you have your artwork set up the way you want, click Next to see your front artwork without the guidelines.

Click Next to see the back, and arrange the artwork within the cropbox. Once you have your artwork set up, click Next to see your back artwork without the guidelines. Click Next again to see the front and back of your printed piece side by side. Here you can click to see a Full Size Preview. You can also re-crop your image, or you can approve the artwork and send it to the press for printing.

If your artwork is good to go, you can go ahead and approve it. Click the check box in the upper left hand corner, thoroughly read the disclaimer, click OK and finally click Send to Press. Your order has been placed and sent to press, and you will land back on the job details page.

If you any more questions, please call our expert customer service team at 800.511.2009

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