Branding Your Name with Personal Address Labels

Branding Your Name with Personal Address Labels

What's in a name? Or, more importantly, how does your name come into play when it comes to marketing? Everyone knows that your business name should be on all of your marketing materials, but what about your personal name? The answer is that for sales correspondence, you should consider branding your name with personal address labels.

That's because most customers prefer to do business with other people, not with companies; that is to say, you can develop a loyal and dedicated customer base that does business with you because they trust you, not necessarily because they trust your company. The two go hand-in-hand, sure, but many have learned that customers will switch companies to continue doing business with a specific person. If you are the owner or an account manager, it certainly behooves you to make good use of personal address labels.

Get personal

Personal address labels should be placed on all envelopes so that your customers know the communication is coming from you. They'll get a more personal experience when they see your name at the top of the return address label than if they simply see your company's name. This isn't to say you can't include your company's name on your personal address labels, only that it should come below your bolded name. You can also include your company logo, of course, but place it to the side of your name and not above it.

Personal address labels can also be used in a variety of other print marketing strategies. If you send postcards as part of your direct-mail marketing campaign, by all means stick your personal address labels on them so customers can contact you directly. If you leave brochures behind at sales demonstrations, your personal address label should be affixed in a dedicated area. If you distribute booklets, run customer service for catalogs, place flyers in public areas or engage in any other print marketing, your personal address label can play a big role in helping you land the best accounts.

Businesses aren't the only organizations that can take advantage of personal address labels. Nonprofit organizations are always on the lookout for donations, so it is vital that donors trust you to spend their money appropriately. That starts with building personal relationships, something fostered through the use of personal address labels.

Keep it simple

Personal address label design does not have to be fancy; in fact, it can sometimes play into your hand if you keep it simple – especially if you're appealing to a frugal crowd. Clean white labels bearing your name, in a bold font such as Arial or Times New Roman, are really all you need. To add a touch of credibility without going overboard, you can make your name font slightly larger than your address and company name, include your company logo, have your fonts printed in a refreshing, branded color, or apply a simple border around the outside of your personal address labels. Color-filled backgrounds are another great device to help you stand out from the crowd, especially for direct mail where capturing attention is so crucial.

Personal address labels are economical, they save time, and they can boost business when you take care to brand your name for loyal customers who will personally seek you out when they're ready to buy. They're also great for referrals!