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Bulk Mail and Direct-Mail Postcards

resources imageMany modern businesses have discovered the value of direct-mail postcards; however, marketing to a large target audience can become overwhelming when it comes to bulk mailing rates and services. Rather than go it alone, you're better off using a mail house that knows all the postage rules and can help you streamline your campaign launch. Even better, companies such as PsPrint offer all-inclusive printing and mailing services that save time and money. Here are a few tricks and tips to keep in mind when planning bulk and direct-mail postcard campaigns.

Reduced postage rates

Bulk mail refers to a large quantity of mail being sent at the same time, and automatically qualifies for a postage rate reduction because the mailing party completes some of the pre-processing duties that the post office would otherwise handle. A bulk mailer will pre-sort postcards by ZIP codes, for instance. This saves a lot of time and work for the post office staff, and in return they offer a significant discount. Mail houses are able to pass this discount along to you, saving you money while you still get the benefit of having everything done in-house. Your best bet is to find an all-inclusive printer and mail house that can handle all of these things for you.

Mailing permits

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In order to send direct-mail postcards in bulk, you must have a mailing permit. A mailing permit, commonly known as indicia, replaces an actual stamp and acts as a postage payment. The mailing permit is represented by an imprint of a square box on the upper right-hand corner of your postcards. Permit applications cost $175, and the post office imposes an additional annual mailing fee. Bulk mail also has certain restrictions on size, packaging, content and context. These fees and restrictions can make mailing permit applications a cumbersome process for those new to the industry. They can be bypassed, however, by using a mail house with a bulk mailing permit. The mail house will ensure that your postcards meet all of the post office's requirements, and you won't have to pay for the fees out of your company's budget. For these reasons it is highly advantageous to seek out the services of a professional printing company that offers bulk mailing services.

Target a wide audience in a short time

The advantages of the bulk mail discount increase the ability of any company to send out a large number of direct-mail postcards, and in return reach the largest possible target audience. Materials with first-class postage will be distributed at a quicker pace than other forms of mail with a lesser postage level. These two determinants make bulk mail an extremely speedy and economical way to advertise your company and product to a large pool of recipients. First-class permits also add an element of credibility to your postcards that some of your prospects will undoubtedly pay attention to. In summary, the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive system for sending direct-mail postcards is through the use of bulk mail. If you're not familiar with the rules and restrictions of bulk mail, you'll save time and money by seeking the services of an all-inclusive printing and mailing service provider.