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Four Die-Cut Business Card Shapes for any Business

resources imageWant to add pizzazz to your business cards? Try a die-cut! Die-cut business cards get attention and are hard to forget. You can have your business cards die cut into nearly any shape - see the die-cut design gallery at PsPrint for ideas or have a custom die created just for your business cards. Your die-cut business card doesn't have to be extravagant such as a dog bone for a pet store or a wrench for a mechanic, though it could be. Even the most subtle die cut can make a lasting impression on your clients. Here are four die-cut business card shapes that you can use for any business:

Rounded corners

Rounded corners add prestige and a sense of confidence and stability to your business card. You can have all four of business card corners rounded for a balanced look; one corner rounded for subtle aesthetics or to represent that your company is different; or try two rounded corners on one side to represent transition.


Have your business card die cut into a parallelogram for a look that represents action, speed and strength. (By parallelogram, we're saying a non-square parallelogram with equal opposite angles that differ from adjacent angles). Parallelogram business cards are an excellent choice for any business.


resources imageThis is a unique concept adopted by many businesses. Have your business card die cut into the shape of a Rolodex insert so your clients can quickly place you in with the rest of their contacts. A Rolodex die-cut business card is unique enough to attract attention and have lasting effect, and also adds value because it saves your clients the time it takes to manually print or pen your contact information on another card.

Two-way pager

A two-way pager is a die-cut business card that is folded over so you can add value on the inside fold. Adding value to business cards through event, performance and sports schedules; useful charts and graphs (such as restaurant tipping charts or measurement conversion charts); helpful hints; and other devices increases the likelihood that your business card will be kept on-hand for future reference. Business cards shouldn't be thought of as obligatory bearers of contact information, meant only for face-to-face exchanges. Instead, business cards should be thought of as one of your primary marketing tools, leave-behind mini-brochures that reinforce your brand identity. Die-cut business cards represent one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to beef up your branding efforts and motivate response. The four shapes listed here can be universally applied. They make excellent choices for any business.