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Five Cinco de Mayo Marketing Tips

Cinco de Mayo has become a day of celebration in the United States. It honors the plight of Mexican-Americans for some, and for others it is an excuse to party in a fashion similar to St. Patrick's Day. Marketing your business for prime Cinco de Mayo sales can be easy when you take the right steps and maintain a Cinco de Mayo theme (the holiday was created after the Battle of Puebla, where outnumbered Mexican forces successfully defended their territory against an overwhelming French army). Follow these five Cinco de Mayo marketing tips to increase your chances of success this year:

1. Start with a great mailing list

resources imageYou can't make sales if your customers don't know you - and you can't reach your customers unless you know them. Spend time living your customers' lives and compiling data that will help you identify their needs, problems, desires and motivations so you can develop a great offer. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to discover shared demographics you can use to compile an excellent mailing list using PsPrint's mailing list tools. With the right mailing list, offer and call to action you're practically guaranteed Cinco de Mayo marketing success.

2. Be versatile

Don't simply print one poster or send a single postcard and expect stellar results; instead, blanket your target customers with a combined postcard, brochure, banner, flyer, and poster marketing effort. Repetition is key to marketing success, and a repetitive campaign will lend credibility to your campaign and boost brand loyalty. If budget is a concern, remember that blanketing a small subset of your target audience is going to yield a higher return on investment than sending a single postcard to all potential customers.

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3. Market early and often

Similarly, don't rely on just one day of marketing to bring in the masses this Cinco de Mayo. Instead, begin your marketing efforts weeks in advance to pull the highest possible return on investment. The more exposure you can get, the more sales you'll realize this May.

4. Host an event

Cinco de Mayo events, such as fiestas, world-record-breaking attempts and other fun-filled activities, can increase sales, enhance your branding efforts and generate tons of free publicity for your company. Market your event with postcards, posters, flyers and banners; and don't forget to get in touch with relevant and local media members before and after your event. Turn your event into a charitable cause and you're even more likely to get free exposure!

5. Print high-quality marketing materials

Never settle for poor printing materials, no matter what your budget is. One thing many amateur marketers don't realize is that is it is cheaper to print high-quality postcards, brochures, flyers, banners, and catalogs than it is to try to print them yourself on a desktop printer - and the quality of a full-color print job by a professional online printing company such as PsPrint can't be matched.