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How to Design Your Own Political Bumper Sticker

resources imageIf you're running a campaign for a small city or county then you might not have access to the multi-million dollar campaign donations enjoyed by politicians who vie for political seats in larger venues. That means you're probably managing your own campaign, and you probably have to design your own political signage. One of the most important political signs is the bumper sticker, since a single print can be exposed to literally thousands or even tens of thousands of voters. Here's what you need to know about designing your own political bumper sticker.

Keep it simple

Like all bumper stickers, when you design your own bumper sticker for a political campaign it is imperative that you keep your message short. A simple line or two along with your URL (if applicable) is all you need. You've probably seen bumper stickers that simply say ELECT [CANDIDATE'S NAME]. Make sure you choose a large, easy-to-read font. That's really all you need - do not try to push your entire platform on one sticker. The reason is that voters will only have a second or two to glance at your bumper sticker, so the goal is to brand your name for support rather than to convince through your platform. That being said, if there is a single big issue you're campaigning on you might include a headline that states your position on that issue. Alternatively, you might design several bumper stickers - each with your take on a specific issue - to demonstrate your platform to specific target voter groups. If you go this route, make sure each sticker addresses only one issue so it can still be easily read.

Red, white and blue ... or yellow and black?

resources imageMany candidates stick to the colors of the American flag for their bumper stickers and signs, and there's nothing wrong with showing that you are patriotic. However, local election campaigns can benefit from choosing different colors - either varying hues of red, white and blue, or something totally different. If you stray from the norm, you will stand out from the crowd and be perceived as being different from your competition. High contrast always attracts attention, and so yellow and black make a great combination when you're designing your own political bumper stickers. You can also choose the colors of a local school to demonstrate your dedication to the local population.

Print with a professional bumper sticker printer

The benefits of professional bumper sticker printing are enormous. First, you can get free bumper sticker template a so you can easily lay out your design without having to worry about whether it is in the right resolution, color mode or safe printing area. Second, you can have your bumper sticker printed on premium vinyl paper with glossy UV coating for a professional appeal, longevity and to survive the outdoor elements. The best part is that professional bumper sticker printing is an incredibly easy and affordable way to promote your candidacy.