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How to Design Wedding Table Tents

Table tents make great conversation pieces at wedding receptions, especially when it is likely that many guests will sit next to other guests they do not know. If you're at a loss for creative ideas that are unique to your wedding (and your wedding only), find inspiration from the following on how to design wedding table tents.

Start with the bride and groom

Wedding table tent designs should, naturally, start with the bride and groom names. It's also a good idea to place photos of the bride and groom together on your wedding table tents. Match your fonts and photos to the wedding theme - elegant, shotgun, Elvis or otherwise - and employ creative design techniques to paint your table tent designs with this theme. Before you sit down at the drawing board (or computer, as it is), download a free table tent print layout template so you can ensure your files are set up in the proper color mode and resolution, and that your design is properly positioned for fast, no-hassle printing.

Tell the storyresources image

Not everyone at the wedding reception will know how the bride and groom met, the proposal story and what the couple's aspirations are for the future. You can quickly tell the story through table tents, which is likely to get relatives and friends talking to one another and improve the entire reception overall as families get to know one another.

List the families

Another neat wedding table tent design idea is to list the family members of the bride and groom, complete with photos of each. One source of inspiration might be a family tree that depicts a generation on each side of the families with relatives' mugshots and descriptions resting on each branch. In the middle (the trunk), place a photo of the bride and groom smiling or embracing. This is another great way to demonstrate newfound kinship between families. An alternative is to craft a similar design with the wedding parties rather than the families - in reality, you can make this concept as creative as you'd like.

Play a game

resources imageWant to break the ice for wedding reception guests? Distribute table tents that have fun games printed on them. Try placing a quiz about the bride and groom or about their families to help each side get to know some interesting facts about the other. Find out who knows the newlywed couple the best, and in the process the two families will get to know each other better. As you can see, with a few simple ideas it's easy to create compelling- and uniquely distinct - wedding table tent designs. Remember that no matter how good your table tent design is, it will still need excellent print finishing in order to do justice to wedding décor. Print your wedding table tents on 100 pound cover stock paper with a durable, water-resistant UV coating for best results.