Direct-Mail Mortgage Brochure Campaign Ideas

Customers shop around before choosing a mortgage broker - that's the nature of the lending business. Before committing to what is for most people the single largest purchase they'll ever make, they need to be confident that you have their best interests at heart. At the end of the day, many families spread out brochures from competing mortgage brokers to make a decision, which is why your brochure must be geared toward their needs and desires. With direct mail, you can beat your competitors to the punch. The following direct-mail mortgage brochure campaign ideas and tips will help you position yourself as the trusted expert in your field:

Define your niche

Whether you handle a highly targeted niche or offer a broad range of mortgage services, your direct-mail brochure should be focused on one niche service and directed toward one niche audience. This will help you tailor your message to those likely to buy as well as help you create an excellent mailing list comprised of these prospects. Decide whether you're going to target first-time home buyers, second home buyers, retirees, vacation home buyers, those looking to refinance, or something else entirely; and plan your direct-mail brochure campaign with a narrow focus.

Use big, bold headlines

Your direct-mail brochure must command attention at the mailbox if you want it to be read. The best way to grab immediate attention is to lead with a bold headline that addresses your prospects' needs and desires. The best headlines also incorporate an offer. For example: "Don't Get Trapped in an Unworthy Home ... Get Your FREE First-Time Homebuyer's Guide Today!"

Incorporate testimonials and add value

Nothing says you're trustworthy as much as raving testimonials from your other clients. Ask your clients for testimonials and highlight them in your direct-mail brochure. Using our first-time home buyer example, a sample testimonial might read: "Some credit dings presented obstacles to getting a loan for our first home, but Steve worked hard to negotiate a fair mortgage that finally put us in a beautiful new property. Now we can raise our family in a home, not just a house. Thanks Steve!" If you can add value to your direct-mail mortgage brochure, you increase the chance that it will be passed around, read and tacked on the fridge for future reference - thus increasing the chance you'll be called when the time is right. Examples include a top 10 list of first-time home buyer mistakes (and how to avoid them), perforated response cards or coupons to get a free guide, or tickets to attend a seminar you're holding for first-time home buyers.

Include an offer and call to action

Effective direct-mail brochures include an offer (such as a seminar, guide or discount) and a clearly defined call to action. You should ask prospects to call you directly, visit a website or return a perforated response card. Give multiple options when possible to attract a large pool of respondents. Your offer should be both valuable and time sensitive, so your prospects are motivated to act and act quickly.

Finish it off right

No matter how much time and effort you spend planning the perfect direct-mail mortgage brochure, it all could be for naught if you don't finish your brochure professionally. Choose a professional paper such as 100-pound gloss text or cover stock, 70-pound matte text stock or 80-pound matte cover stock. These papers enhance your brochure design and feel stable and solid in the hands of your prospects, so you also appear stable and solid. For maximum effect, you should also consider choosing a non-traditional fold; instead of a letter-fold, try a z-fold, a half-fold or a double-parallel fold. One of the simplest ways to boost your brochure performance is to print it oversized. Opt for an 11-inch by 17-inch brochure or an 8.5-inch by 14-inch brochure instead of the traditional 8.5-inch by 11-inch size. The online printing company PsPrint offers these options and more, and the instant price widget found on the company's website lets you compare prices instantly. Direct-mail brochures are one of the best ways to introduce yourself to your target audience. Follow these direct-mail mortgage brochure campaign ideas and tips to dramatically boost your return on investment.