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Easter Tips and Tricks for Graphic Designers

resources imageIf your client's promotional material design is going to be as sweet as a chocolate bunny, you'll need to go beyond the traditional pastels and eggs to elicit the proper emotions from their prospects.   They have to outperform the competitions' materials to maximize their return on investment, which in turn will generate repeat business for you.   The question becomes not whether or not you can design, but how to take your clients' Easter promotions to the next level? Here are a few Easter tips and tricks for graphic designers.

Hop to a different beat

Pastel blues, yellows, greens, and pinks are the normal colors for Easter promos, but that's not all you have to draw from.   Spring is full of vibrant colors, from dark, luscious greens in the foliage to warm, bright oranges and reds in the sunsets.   Mixing these colors with their pastel counterparts can make your clients' message seem both bold and inviting while still incorporating the overall Easter theme.   Also, you don't have to use only bunnies, eggs and candy as your inspiration - flowers like lilies and tulips are often associated with Easter; and a quick online search will yield dozens of Easter historical happenings and traditions you can work into your theme.

Burst with brilliance

Foil stamping is another great way to make Easter promos appear professional and confident, especially if the rest of the artwork is comprised of pastel colors.   Gold foil stamping on pastel yellows and silver foil stamping on pastel blues and greens offer great contrast that makes your clients' promo pieces stand out from the crowd.    Subtle foil stamping often works best, but even entire logos can be foil stamped for a stunning effect.

Cut it up

resources imageGet creative with Easter flyers or stickers by having them die cut in the shape of a bunny, egg, candy, Easter basket, hot cross buns, or even a cross (but only if the audience is 100% receptive to religious-themed marketing, such as a church congregation).   If die-cutting a promo piece in traditional Easter shapes doesn't fit your message, try to be more subtle.   Perhaps a rounded corner or two will be just enough to add that touch of class you're after.

Promotional materials should be promotional

If possible, encourage your clients to add limited-time sales, bargains, and deals to their promotional pieces to increase their response.   They'll know the sale begins or ends on Easter and are less likely to 'miss the sale.'   Use colorful text like 'Eggs-traordinary blowout sale' or 'fill your basket at Bob's Discount.' Ultimately, a successful marketing campaign depends on whether your client appears to offer what prospects are looking for - or, whether they can convince prospects that they need their product or service.   It is your job to be the messenger, so scope out your clients' competition, unleash your creativity, and make your client out to be the best.   If you keep the above tips in mind, everyone will get to fill their basket this Easter.