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Go Green with Presentation Folders

resources imageEco-friendly business is rapidly becoming a way of life for many companies and their customers. Resource conservation, compassion for the environment and a desire to leave the world in better shape than you found are the hallmarks of an organization that cares about — and has gratitude for — the people it serves. The following techniques can be employed to decrease your carbon footprint and go green with presentation folders:

Print with soy inks

Soy inks release far fewer harmful pollutants, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), during the drying process than traditional petroleum-based inks. They also spread farther, requiring less ink to get the same great design results and are exceedingly vibrant for a bright, professional appeal that looks great under both gloss and satin finishes.

Recycle old folders

Like all other printed materials, recycling old presentation folders saves trees and helps you positively effect the environment. What's more, you can choose a printer that recycles paper trimmings left over from the printing and cutting process. Since presentation folders are die cut and glued for flaps, there is always paper waste that can be recycled for other applications.

Get an electronic proof

It's a good idea to get a hardcopy proof of your presentation folder before going to press, but if you are reordering the same folder, have a history of trust with your printer or are just making a few simple design changes, you can opt for an electronic proof that will save on paper, postage/mailing materials and even potentially delivery van emissions.

Consider stickers

If you have a universal presentation folder you use for most of your marketing purposes, you can consider affixing stickers or labels for specific applications. If you're giving a presentation on a particular product or service and want to include a product image on your folder, for example, instead of printing additional folders you could have stickers printed to affix on your presentation folder cover. This saves on paper and saves money and is an eco-friendly alternative to a completely new print run.

Tell the world you've gone green

resources imageYour customers will appreciate your eco-friendly efforts, so make sure you let them know you share their green agenda by including eco-friendly icons on the back of your presentation folders. Several organizations offer such icons for free use if you have truly taken steps to be an eco-friendly organization. Sometimes the most difficult aspect of going green is taking that first step. The rest is easy. Follow these guidelines for going green with presentation folders to bolster your public image and leave a positive impact on the environment.