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Elements of a Winning Calendar

Many businesses distribute calendars for branding purposes, but you can hand out truly exceptional calendars that break the mold to both brand and actively market your products and services year round with elements of a winning catalog calendar that sells for you.

Breathtaking imagery

resources imageMost people believe that all calendars are created equal, save for the picture at the top. If you want your calendar to be noticed, make sure you include amazing images that resonate with a targeted, niche audience. Calendars have become a part of American interior decoration, so the closer your calendars align with your audience's passions the better chance you have of being noticed every day. Don't be afraid to stick your logos, special offers, etc., right on the image itself!


resources imageStickers are a great way to actively engage your customers with your branded calendar every day. Print stickers that resemble your logo and icon with enough room to write on them, and then have your recipients use your color-coded stickers to mark special occasions such as birthdays, holidays and more. You can also use stickers for children's calendars, or simply to get children involved in your family calendar. Your top image could be a backdrop of a cartoon scene, and cartoon stickers could be affixed to complete the scene. Or, you could turn your calendar into a "teaching calendar" whereby children learn more about how a calendar works by placing stickers on every day to mark the days. If you can make your calendar part of nightly routines, your branding efforts are golden.

Special offers

Place random (targeted) offers throughout your calendar date blocks and put big offers, seasonal sales, coupons/coupons codes and more right on the attractive top image itself. Calendars are used for branding, yes, but that doesn't mean you can't actively market with a deal of the month, special coupons or other value-added incentives. It can make a dramatic difference in the profit wrought by your calendars and your competitors'.

Quality printing

This goes along with overall aesthetics, but it deserves its own subhead nonetheless. High-quality full-color calendar printing helps colors splash and pop with brilliance, making your calendar an attractive expression that people will want to hang on their walls. Cheap calendars will only make it as far as File 13. Give your customers what they want, and you will in turn get what you want. Calendars connect you to customers on a personal level every single day. If you want a branded image and the ability to direct market year-round, choose calendar marketing to kill two birds with one stone!