Five Cool Holiday Thank-You Card Themes


Holiday thank-you cards are a great way to say thanks after a gift-giving holiday such as Christmas or a birthday, or any other occasion that you want to say thank you. However, thinking up a great theme for your thank-you can be difficult when you want memorable thank-you cards that really make your guests remember how great of a time that they had at the party and want to come back next year. For inspiration, try the following five cool holiday thank-you card theme ideas.

1. Something sweet thank-you cards

A great theme for Valentine's Day or birthday thank-you cards is sweets. You can choose from stripes such as peppermint sticks or die-cut cards that are shaped like a particular kind of candy. A candy bar-shaped thank-you card is sure to make a great impression and one that the recipient will remember for a long time to come. And for the enthusiastic sweet tooth, you can attach a piece of real candy to your thank-you card.

2. Fill-in thank-you cards

Your kids will have a blast addressing “fill-in” thank-you cards, which you can design and print with blank spaces for addressees, senders and even a custom note from your child to the recipient. Print “fill-in” cards with Christmas or birthday themes so your children can thank their grandparents, aunts, and uncles for the great gifts they receive on these special occasions.

3. Gift-box birthday thank-you cards

What better way to say thank you to the guests that attended your party than by giving them their own gift? You can send a tiny gift box through the mail that contains a custom-printed thank-you card and a small gift of thanks. For special parties, this could be a photo booklet you print with the photographs you took at the party!

4. Memorable moments thank-you cards

Another terrific idea for thank-you cards is to incorporate photos from the celebration, similar to the booklets mentioned above. For instance, if you are sending out thank-you cards from a Christmas holiday party, you can design a thank-you card that includes a photo collage depicting all of your family and friends enjoying the holiday revelry. This is also a great idea for wedding and birthday thank-you cards.

5. Piece of the party thank-you cards

Print custom thank-you cards that demonstrate your appreciation for your guests' attendance at a recent party, and slip in a memorable piece of the party itself as a keepsake. Photos work well, as previously mentioned, but you can get really creative with a piece of ribbon, wrapping paper, candy wrapper or other item of significance. The unique nature of your thank-you cards will be the talk of the town (or your friends and family members) for years to come!