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Turn Letterhead Stationery into a Sales Tool

Letterhead stationery is all about branding, right? At least, that's how it is designed and deployed; however, letterhead stationery can actually be a powerful sales tool with a few easy tweaks. Here's how you can turn your letterhead stationery into a sales tool that not only brands your company, but lands direct sales.

Call to action

Including a call to action on your letterhead stationery can motivate customers to purchase new products and services. A photography company might include a line on its letterhead such as: "Get your next catalog photography 20 percent off if you schedule by February 28." This offer/call to action combination will get direct-mail companies to take advantage of the discount and fill up your bookings early.

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VIP Coupon

Turn part of your letterhead stationery into a VIP coupon for your best customers. You could take the bottom four inches to thank your customers for their loyalty and to offer something free or discounted in return. This is a great way to give customers a "first look" at a new product or service that you're going to be promoting. Your customers will feel valued because you want them to try it first, and you'll get sales if it is as good as billed.

Backside flyer

Recycling 101 says to never throw something away if it can be reused. The backside of letterhead stationery is often overlooked as an excellent marketing tool. For nonsensitive communication, place a flyer advertisement on the back of your letterhead and tell your customers that as part of your green agenda you're asking them to hang it up where employees can see it. This is a way to get double the mileage out of your eco-friendly efforts since your letterhead stationery gets recycled twice: once when hung, then again when the promotion ends and it is tossed in the recycling bin.

Add value

resources imageAnother great way to turn your stationery into a sales tool is to add value to it. Design a panel (or even the back) as a guide about a hot industry topic. End with a call to action that motivates your customers to call you for a prescribed solution. Alternatively, you could turn the back (or a panel) of your letterhead stationery into a conversion chart, resource list or other helpful guide your customers are likely to pin up on the wall or tape to the desk for easy reference. This won't lead to direct sales, but it will help brand your company by increasing your letterhead's longevity. No matter how you employ your letterhead stationery as a sales tool, you will be more successful if your paper feels strong and prestigious. Good choices are 70-pound white wove and premium 24-pound synergy bond. For a more dramatic effect, add a dazzling foil stamp or die cut. Letterhead stationery is a must-have communication and branding tool for many businesses, so why miss the opportunity for direct sales? By adapting your letterhead to land more sales, you'll double up on your marketing efforts, slash costs and yield a large return on investment.