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Manage Your Budget with Brochure Templates

resources imageA brochure design template can help a small company manage its printing budget, since you can largely bypass having to hire a graphic designer to design your brochures for you. In most cases, it's best to go with an original design; but if you're on a tight budget a design template can keep you loose and flexible. After all, it's best to spend your money printing more brochures so you can reach more prospects than to toss half your budget to design. There are three things to consider when looking for a brochure design template for your company:

Get a template that fits

Brochure design template sites are abundant, so you have plenty to choose from. Make sure your chosen brochure fits your color scheme and the tone and style of your company. Many brochure design templates are already industry-specific, so all you have to do is swap out the logo and update the text. Whatever brochure design template you choose, you have to be confident that it will help you relate your message for months, or even years, to come. You also want to ensure that the template you choose is editable. If you use Microsoft Word, but your template is in Adobe Illustrator format, you won't be able to make any changes to it. The last thing you want to do is purchase a template you can't use!

Your brochure template should be print-ready

resources imageIf your brochure design template isn't print-ready, the quality of your finished printed piece will be at risk. Templates and images should be in at least 300 dpi resolution to be compatible with today's state-of-the-art printing presses. You should also determine whether your template is set up for bleeds and if it includes cutlines and a safety area. If you're not sure, ask your printing company if the template you're considering is a good choice. Online printing companies such as PsPrint have years of experience (and great brochure printing prices) so you would be wise to consult with them before you invest time and money in a pre-designed brochure template.

Your brochure design template should be cost effective

Sometimes, buying a pre-designed template isn't worth it. If you find a template for sale that costs $200, you might be better off hiring a professional designer anyway. Some designers, especially those just starting out after college graduation, will design a professional brochure for $300 or less.

Professional appearance counts

While most brochure templates look professional, you won't look professional if you choose the same template 10,000 others are using. Check for a download counter before you buy to see if your chosen template is already used by a lot of others. In most cases, if fewer than 200 other companies are using the same template, you're safe. If your main competitors are using the same brochure, however, then you will lose all branding ability. Some brochure design template sites let you purchase exclusive use rights, but this doesn't prohibit anyone who has downloaded the template before you from using it and can be just as costly as hiring a professional designer to begin with. Brochure design templates can be a double-edged sword. Though cost effective, they can hurt you in the long run if your brochure design is too similar to a competitors' or if you can't make custom edits. Handled cleverly, you can save money, print more brochures and reach a wider audience - saving you overhead and increasing your return on investment.