Must-Have Marketing Materials for Government Agencies and Workers

Marketing Materials for Government Agencies and Workers
Government agencies and workers don't have to turn a profit in the same vein as private industries, but they still have to raise funds, recruit volunteers and members, promote fundraising events, and communicate clearly via public relations. That's why powerful marketing plans are as important to government agencies and workers as they are to businesses. The right marketing tools will help your government agency quickly and efficiently get the word out about its events, funding drives, and other important information; they'll also help your agency maintain a strong foothold in the public eye. The following lists must-have marketing materials for government agencies and workers. Must-have marketing materials for government agencies and workers Business cards Business cards are go-to marketing tools typically used to exchange contact information. You can print business cards for government agencies and their workers to hand to political contacts, recruits, fundraising organizers, volunteers and just about everyone else you meet so they can quickly get in contact with you. You can even turn your business cards into powerful promotional tools: on the back, list your agency's annual agenda, recent achievements, or use it to direct customers to your website or app to make a donation, subscriber to your newsletter mailing list, or otherwise get involved. Booklets Booklet printing is a great way to give an in-depth overview of your government agency or an individual agency-led program. Booklets can also be instructional in nature, similar to the tax booklets printed by the IRS. Annual reports, especially those shared with the public, can also be printed in booklet format to make them well-organized and easy to read. Postcards Whether you're raising funds or sending important public notices, postcards are the most efficient way to reach a highly targeted population segment fast and cheap. Postcards can also include URLs or QR codes that drive the public to your website or app for increased engagement. Always remember to define a goal before you develop your direct-mail postcard campaigns and to include some sort of tracking mechanism (such as the aforementioned URL or QR code) so you can measure your response/success rates. Posters, banners and flyers Posters, banners, and flyers are likewise excellent print marketing tools for commanding the public's attention. You can distribute posters, banners and flyers in all public places as well as many private places the public often visits, such as grocery stores. Well-designed posters, banners, and flyers are practically impossible to ignore and can motive action, whatever you want the public to do. Banners work best when placed near busy intersections and other high-traffic areas or places the public congregates. Posters work well on walls, windows and doors; while flyers are perfect for public bulletin boards, handouts and for inclusion in pocket/presentation folders. Pocket folders Speaking of pocket folders, or presentation folders, if your government workers have to give reports to board members, committees or other groups, it's good to organize supporting materials in pocket folders. Doing so lends a more professional, even official, appeal. Sales sheets Sales sheets, or sales data sheets, might sound as though they're exclusive to the private domain; however, sales sheets can play a major role in helping you educate colleagues, superiors, voters, and citizens about new proposals and programs. As a government agency, you might refer to them as “fact sheets” rather than sales sheets. Newsletters Newsletters are perfect for keeping the public informed about your agency's status, new programs, upcoming legislation and other news that directly impacts those under your agency workers' oversight. You don't have to print large newsletters for them to be effective, either; a few pertinent stories printed on a four-page newsletter can be just as engaging – and perhaps more so, for its brevity – than a 16-page newsletter. Brochures Small enough to be succinct yet long enough to offer detailed information, brochures are perfect public education tools. Print brochures that showcase what your government agency does and how the public can take advantage of your programs. Consider printing brochures with unique folds and bold design to make your agency appear more modern. Door hangers If your government agency doesn't have a large budget but recruits a lot of volunteers, door hangers represent an incredibly cheap way to quickly blanket entire neighborhoods with your message in a manner that's impossible to ignore. Send your agency workers out with volunteers to distribute door hangers, and then reward them with a pizza party afterward. Rack cards Tourism-related government agencies often print rack cards featuring places to eat, play, and stay and distribute them at welcome centers, hotels, restaurants, and other travel hot spots. Convention and visitor bureaus, federal and state parks, and similar government agencies are good candidates for rack card printing. Stickers If you want your government agency's association with a particular item, place, product, vehicle, or just about anything else, stickers are your go-to marketing tool. Stickers are incredibly diverse because they can be printed in nearly any shape, size, and color; and, of course, they can be affixed almost anywhere. Letterhead and envelopes Your government agency needs to maintain its formal, official look; thus, you should print official letterhead and envelopes for all your communications. Your letterhead and envelopes should feature your agency logo and contact information. Branding can be just as important to government agencies as it is to profit-driven businesses. Magnets Does your agency promote emergency strategies or phone numbers? Magnets are perfect marketing tools for promoting such things as how to administer First Aid and lists of important phone numbers. If you want to promote your agency, its programs, and its fundraisers more effectively, harness the power of these marketing tools to make sure you have a consistent public presence and to generate targeted response from key public segments. Finally, don't forget that repetition is key; the more marketing materials you distribute and the more frequently you distribute them, the more effective your overall government agency marketing strategy will be.