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Using Notepads to Brand Your Company

Notepads are a functional way to market your business by adding value for your customers. Nearly everyone jots down notes at the desk, by the phone or in the car; so notepads are nearly as effective as calendars at placing your message in front of your target audience 365 days a year. Follow these notepad printing and branding tips to make the most of your notepad marketing strategy:

Notepads as marketing

resources imageUsing notepads as part of a marketing strategy is not a new concept. More and more businesses are turning to notepads as a way to get their companies' names into customers' homes and workplaces. People actually use notepads, so they are constantly exposed to the message you choose to include. Repetition is key to branding, and custom printed notepads provide the perfect opportunity to brand your company.

Get creative

Custom notepads are relatively easy to design and print. Marketing information on notepads is very minimal. All you need to include is simple information about your company and contact details. Your logo can be included as a small image at the top or bottom, or as a watermark across the whole notepad. Of course, you can also be creative by turning your notepad into an appointment or prescription sheet, checklist or other tool for your business. Through repetitive use of the notepad, your company will soon be recognized by your brand image alone.

Eye-catching design

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A successful notepad design should build your brand image and set you apart from the competition. You want everyone who sees your notepads to take notice, so you need to have an attention-grabbing design. Using bright colors, a creative theme or unique shapes will help with this. At the same time, you don't want your notepad to be garish or non-functional. It is important to weigh the design features with the white space required for a clean, easy-to-read look. Your company colors should be prominent. Try using varying tones and hues of the same base color to balance your notepad designs.

Print on quality paper

Your notepads should be easy for your customers to use. Opt for high-grade, professional 70-pound paper with white wove finish so your notepads are attractive and easy to write on. You can check printed notepad pricing using the tools at PsPrint. Branded notepads serve as versatile marketing tools. They can be handed out to customers, clients and employees, at conventions and trade shows, and even mailed to homes. Everyone needs a place to jot down notes, whether attending a business meeting, lecture or just on a call, so notepads are one marketing material that is welcomed by all.