Pet Store Marketing: Copywriting

This article is the third article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your pet store and make it a success. Pet store marketing materials should take advantage of professional copywriting conventions to motivate prospects to take action. Try to incorporate pet-related language and be clever to get attention. Instead of saying you have the perfect pets for sale, try something like, "Get a best friend who never disappoints." Follow this four-step process to incredible copy that boosts your return on investment:

Four steps for writing winning copy

Craft an attention-getting headline - Postcard or catalog, website or flyer, your headline is what draws readers in to the rest of your copy. Headlines should make bold statements and address your audience's desires, problems or fears. When possible, include your offer as part of your headline. A postcard aimed at single women in their mid-20s might say: "Tired of being stood up? Get a best friend who never disappoints. Receive six months of FREE grooming when you find your new buddy at PetStore today!" Highlight your benefits - Amateur copywriters often include features in their sales pitches but neglect to include benefits. Features represent what you do or offer; while benefits explain how your features help your customers. For example, if your pet store provides all-in-one grooming services (feature), the benefit is that your customers only have to make one quick stop to pamper their pets. Develop an incredible offer - A great offer spurs response. Approach your offer from your customers' viewpoint. What would it take for you to act? If your offer isn't valuable, then you won't get much response; but if it is perceived to have great value to your customers, your response rate will shoot through the roof. Your offer could be a free item, a discount or something else entirely. Your offer should be time sensitive so your customers have to act fast. Motivate with a call to action - What do you want your prospects to do once they've read your pitch? Define this in no uncertain terms and offer several response channels if possible (call a phone number, visit a website, visit a retail location, etc.).  

Here's an example of pet store postcard copy:

Tired of being stood up? Get a best friend who never disappoints. Receive six months of FREE grooming when you find your new buddy at PetStore today! Loyalty ... friendship ... unconditional love. Wouldn't it be great if every man possessed these qualities? While you're looking for "The One," experience the joy of companionship with a new puppy from PetStore. And if you choose your new puppy by June 1, you'll also receive six months of FREE grooming services valued at $500! Stop in at PetStore and visit our Pup Play Center, which lets you meet several puppies before choosing the perfect pup for you. We have many canine breeds, sizes and personalities just waiting to be loved and to love in return. PetStore's all-in-one grooming service pampers your pet so you can stay focused on your busy lifestyle. Our professional groomers are talented and fast, so you can simply drop your puppy off at any of our one-stop locations and pick her back up in an hour. Stop in at any of our PetStore locations, call xxx-xxx-xxxx, or visit us online at today to take advantage of this incredible offer. Find a new best friend and save $500 when you act before June 1. Your perfect match is just around the corner - come to PetStore today!

Adding value

One excellent device for increasing the shelf life of your pet store promotions is to add value to them. Pet guide booklets, brochures, postcards, catalogs, and other marketing materials can be kept alive by adding value. Include coupons, helpful charts and graphs, tips, and other useful information in your marketing materials to make a lasting impression.