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Political Signs That Make a Difference

If you want to get elected, you need political signs to broadcast your message day and night, to demonstrate that you have many supporters, to brand your platform and to snuff the competition. Everybody distributes political yard signs, and although they're a necessary campaign staple, they are not significant simply because they're so popular. If you want to print political signs that make a difference, try the tips outlined below.

Big vinyl bannersresources image

Yard signs that can be read from the sidewalk are one thing, yard signs that can be read from the next block are another thing entirely. Print large vinyl banners and place them on posts in your biggest supporters' yards, or hang them using grommets from the sides of buildings. The last thing you want is for your name to be mysterious to voters, and oversized signs are a surefire way to make sure everyone knows who you are.

Posters galore

Remember President Obama's campaign? Talk about market saturation! You can employ the same techniques by printing posters and distributing them to voters in your area. Businesses, homeowners, public bulletin boards, universities and other avenues present excellent branding opportunities. Don't try to fit everything on a single poster - instead, treat it like any political sign and direct voters to your website to elaborate.

Every day exposure

Think you can't get too creative about marketing yourself when running for office? Think again! Try using calendars to put your message in front of voters every day of the year before the election. There's nothing that says you can't begin promoting yourself a year in advance, so print calendars and you'll be well branded and well recognized by the time your name is on the ballot.

Stick your sign

resources imageStickers can also be used as political signs. In fact, they're already used as political signs all the time - on bumper stickers, windows, backpacks, filing cabinets, laptops and clothing. Print plenty of stickers to promote your campaign and distribute them everywhere. Stickers are incredibly affordable, so you can print them early and get a head start on the competition. Last but not least, make sure you print your signs on quality materials through an experienced election sign printer. Outdoor vinyl banners, for example, should be printed on mesh vinyl so they withstand the wind and rain. Stickers should be printed on crack-and-peel backing so your constituents can easily affix them anywhere without frustration. Posters and calendars should be printed on thick, robust paper stocks that demonstrate your own stability as a member of society and as a candidate. Always order a proof to ensure that your campaign colors and sign text will look as great on your signs as they do on your computer screen. Distribute far and wide, and use ad placement savvy to put your signs where they'll be most effective. Political signs are everywhere; political signs that make a difference are few and far between. You can take advantage of your competition's relative lack of creativity with a little political sign ingenuity.