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Best Presidents Day Graphic Design Resources

It's always nice to have some great graphics design resources on-hand for your designs, especially if you're short on time or budget. Drawing a fresh and original bust of Lincoln or Washington is bound to take some time and incur some expenses, but you can get them free from several online sources. At other times, it pays to have some graphic design inspiration so you can craft all-original artwork. Here are some of the best Presidents Day graphic design resources online. Always remember to double-check the licenses for legal use!

Graphic design resources for Presidents Day

  • resources imageClker.com has some free ]]>Presidents Day vectors]]>, including those of Lincoln, Washington and current President Barack Obama.
  • The Library of Congress is an excellent source for public domain images. Search through the Library's ]]>American Memory website]]> for presidential and patriotic images you can incorporate into your designs.
  • Get copyright-free images of Abraham Lincoln at ]]>Netins]]>.
  • ]]>All Free Downloads]]> has a few free George Washington vector clip art images.
  • On ]]>Clip Art Graphics]]> you can find some rather detailed Civil War clip art, if you want to include some presidential history into your design.You could also search for Revolutionary War clip art
  • Looking for a President Barack Obama vector? You can find one with for different instances of the Commander in Chief's famous visage at ]]>Free Vectors]]>.
  • If you want to create your own original designs but need a bit of inspiration, you can start by learning the history of each president by conducting an online search on The History Channel, ]]>Wikipedia]]>, Google or any number of online encyclopedias. You can also learn about the history of Presidents Day itself. No matter what your chosen theme is, if you do your research you can find interesting stories you can use as your focal point and align your Presidents Day message with your business.
  • Believe it or not, children's craft projects can serve as excellent sources of inspiration. Sneak a peek at the Presidents Day decorations and crafts page at ]]>About.com]]>.
  • The patterns, colors, and textures of varying foods can be very inspirational indeed. For your Presidents Day designs start with the Presidents Day recipe page at ]]>CDKitchen]]>, which includes such treats as Bess Truman's Ozark Pudding recipe and JFK's waffles.
  • If these resources don't hit the spot, you can always try the paid-graphics companies such as iStockphoto. But before you do, don't forget to take a look at Vecteezy and Brusheezy, and don't overlook the ease of Creative Commons as a portal to images free for commercial use.