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Print Notepads for Commercial Sales

resources imageOne of the best long-term strategies for consistent sales is to brand your company through the tools used by professionals every day. That's why you can print notepads and enjoy a steady stream of commercial sales throughout long periods of time. Every professional has to jot down notes from time to time - and some every single hour of every day - so notepads that carry your brand name can be a highly effective way to ensure you're the first company they think of when they need what you sell. Try these tricks when you print notepads for commercial sales.

Add value with helpful charts

If you serve an industry that uses conversion charts, graphs, a specialized vocabulary or anything else that is unique, you can include these on your notepads. One example would be printing notepads with a tax chart for sales people who speak on the telephone and have to give out quotes for services and products. Or, in a similar scenario, a lumberyard sales person might need to be able to convert a square foot measurement into how many two-by-fours are needed to frame it. Other great examples of this include prescription pads for doctor's offices, appointment pads for attorneys and accountants, and helpful reminder sheets for tax professionals. With a bit of brainstorming, you can apply this concept to nearly any industry.

Include discount coupons

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Sometimes you serve an industry because of necessity and proximity rather than relevance to the work it performs. Restaurants, for example, often cater to nearby businesses, so restaurants could include discount coupons on their notepads along with a mini-menu to encourage sales. It doesn't matter if you include the same coupon on every notepad sheet, either; a 10 percent discount is worth just as much to customers today as it will be tomorrow. This is also a great way to track how well your notepads perform, since you can count how many are turned in for the discount.

Include a service listing

Much like restaurants can include mini-menus, any business can include a brief service or product listing on their notepads. A large logo and contact information are good, but when you list the things your company does it becomes ingrained in your prospects' minds and makes it easier for them to remember your company when they need to buy what you sell. If you're a commercial refrigeration company that caters to factories, it certainly wouldn't hurt to explain that you sell, install, and service condenser units and other HVAC equipment.

Make them colorful

How many white notepads with blue colors are out there? Probably millions, which greatly decreases the chance that your company will be recognized from notepads if you print them in the same fashion. Instead, print colorful logos, lines and other elements; or, give your entire notepad an orange, green or red hue so it can't be mistaken for another company's brand. Color attracts, especially when it is bright, unexpected and even unusual; so make every effort to ensure you print notepads that stand out.