Software Marketing: Copywriting

This is the third article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your software and make it a success. Powerful copywriting is the secret to many sales successes, and the world of software sales is no different. Compelling copy motivates customers to take the next step in the purchasing process, whether it's to visit a URL to download a free trial, to call a phone number and speak to a sales representative, or to go to a brick-and-mortar location for a boxed software purchase. Here is your guide to creating compelling copy that sells.

Four steps for writing winning software copy

1. Craft a powerful headline - Your headline should solve a problem and reveal a great offer. Consider what problems your clients face and how your software solves that problem for them, and lead off with the solution and the offer to grab attention and create desire.

2. Highlight your benefits - Reinforce your headline by backing it up with your full suite of benefits and what they mean to your customers. 3. Develop an incredible offer - The better your offer, the more compelling your copy. It's the natural order of things. Your offer could be a free trial, a discount purchase or a valuable add-on as long as it is relevant to your software. 4. Motivate with a call to action - Finally, you need a compelling call to action that highlights your limited-time offer with urgency.

Example software postcard copy (niche focus on stock brokers):

Know What The Market Will Do Days Before It Does It FREE TRIAL!
StockSelect is the innovative stock value prediction software that has revolutionized Wall Street by predicting what will fall and what will gain, gain, gain with more than 98 percent accuracy. Download your full-featured, 30-day FREE TRIAL today at Act by June 1 to take advantage of this incredible offer that will put profits in your palms by successfully predicting market trends before they happen. StockSelect Know the market before it happens