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Spread your Message with Stickers and Calendars

The only thing better than a great marketing piece is a complementary marketing piece you can pack along with it. Calendars and stickers share a symbiotic relationship that, with a little creativity, can add a significant boost to your return on investment. Here's how to spread your message with stickers and calendars:

Pick a theme

resources imageThe theme of your colorful combo largely dictates how your stickers and calendar should be used together. Perhaps the most obvious use of stickers in calendars is to mark important dates such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries or scheduled appointments, tune-ups, check-ups, weigh-ins, seasonal sales, specials and anything else you might want your customers to be aware of.

Add value

There are other ways to use calendars, too. You could turn your stickers into coupons or, even better, create a monthly game or puzzle in the image area of your calendar and use stickers to solve it. Anyone who solves the puzzle becomes eligible for a special discount or other incentive. Turn your calendar into a monthly holiday countdown with custom stickers to countdown to the biggest seasonal holidays. Include handy tips, shopping lists or advice on your stickers to motivate customers to action.

The appeal of stickers

Children perhaps get more excited about stickers than adults (or maybe it's simply because they tend to have more time to devote to the fun things in life), but that doesn't mean adults won't use them - especially if they're parents.

Take stickers off the calendar

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Your stickers don't have to be interactive with your calendar to be relevant. An auto mechanic might package a calendar with miniature sticker calendars customers can place on their dashboards. Of course, the mechanic could make the package come full circle by using the stickers to remind customers to check their calendars for monthly maintenance advice! You can also package bumper stickers with your calendars, especially if you're a nonprofit organization or are supporting a cause. This way, your customers or members can further the cause on the wall and on the road. For best results, you should have your calendars and stickers professionally printed by an online printing company such as PsPrint, which has an instant price widget you can use to gauge your investment. Great-looking calendars and stickers stand a much better chance of getting excellent placement than drab, amateurish print jobs. Calendars and stickers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Each is good by itself, but when you couple them together you have a powerful marketing package that everyone loves.Use the tips in this article as inspiration for your own ideas - with a little creative brainstorming, you can come up with the perfect recipe for boosting sales with calendars and stickers.