Best St. Patrick's Day Graphic Design Resources

St. Patrick's Day presents certain graphic design challenges to professional designers because there are relatively few symbols for this party holiday. Yet with a bit of creative flair, you can put even the most tired designs to work with these St. Patrick's Day graphic design freebies and resources for Photoshop, Illustrator, and even a bit of inspiration.

  • ]]>DesignBliss]]> lists two free St. Patrick's Day shamrock vectors and a nice Irish draught vector you can plug in most anywhere.
  • DesignBliss also lists 37 St. Patrick's Day Photoshop shamrock ]]>brushes]]>.
  • ]]>Zenelements]]> has a nifty tutorial on how to create a St. Patrick's Day leprechaun vector using Adobe Illustrator.
  • ]]>Lord of Design]]> has a great St. Patrick's Day vector pack loaded with leprechauns, shamrocks, green hats and patterns.
  • On ]]>BazaarDesigns]]> you can find an EPS pack with St. Patrick's Day icons, including a pot of gold, Irish-colored balloons and badges, a painted rainbow, a lucky horseshoe, a green hat, a shamrock and a mug of green beer.
  • Be inspired by the history and legends of St. Patrick and the day that bears his name at ]]>The History Channel]]> and ]]>Wikipedia]]>.
  • There's nothing like some Irish Pumpkin Potage to stir your appetite for creative design work. Get more St. Patrick's Day graphic design inspiration by scouring the recipes at ]]>AllRecipes]]>.
  • For St. Patrick's Day antics, tricks, pranks and an incredible array of inspiring photos, try social networking sites such as ]]>Facebook]]>. And don't forget to do a commercial-use search at!
  • You can find free and paid St. Patrick's Day graphic design resources at, and