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Thanksgiving Wording for Invitations

Thanksgiving Wording for Invitations

Pumpkin pie, fried turkey, cranberry sauce – it's Thanksgiving! Time for the family to reunite over a feast of thanks that reminds us all of the people and things we treasure most. If you're hosting this year's bash, you probably want to make sure it's extra special. A great way to get the party started in the right direction is to send out unique and creative Thanksgiving invitations to your family members and friends. Coming up with a Thanksgiving theme is easy – all you need is some turkey, pilgrim or other relevant clip art that can quickly be found online, often for free. But what to say in your Thanksgiving invitations? Read on for some Thanksgiving wording for invitations ideas everyone will love! Rhyming Thanksgiving wording for invitations

Pilgrims and Indians Turkey and maize Pumpkins and cranberries On the first Thanksgiving day Customs were shared A tradition did start It endures to this day And stays close to our heart Please join the Pierce family As we celebrate America’s holiday Date and time Address City, State Please bring your favorite dish to share Please RSVP by date to phone number

Football Thanksgiving wording for invitations

Please join us for the Porter’s annual Thanksgiving Feast and Football Extravaganza Date Address City, State Dinner will be served at 2:00 p.m. After we root our football teams to victory we will then play in our own annual touch football game Bring your best game!

Potluck Thanksgiving wording for invitations

You are invited to a potluck Thanksgiving dinner We will supply the turkey You bring the sides Let’s honor the first Thanksgiving by sharing our favorite Turkey day dish We don’t care about duplicate side items That’s part of the fun. Location Date and Time Address City, State Please RSVP to phone number by date

Combined family Thanksgiving wording for invitations

Since John and Jill have joined their lives Their families have decided to join their Thanksgivings. Please join us on date and time To see what happens when two different Holiday traditions combine. Roast turkey for her, fried turkey for him Southern dressing versus Oyster stuffing Cranberry sauce or gelled from a can Pumpkin or Sweet potato pie You get the idea Please RSVP to Jill at phone number by date

Once you have your Thanksgiving wording down for your invitations, all you have to do is put them to a design and have them printed. As mentioned, you can find plenty of free Thanksgiving graphics online to fill out your design (and you can even get free invitation layout templates to make the process that much faster and easier). Keep in mind that contrary to popular belief, it is actually more affordable to print your Thanksgiving invitations professionally than to print them on your desktop printer – and the quality of professional printing is phenomenal. While you might think that desktop printing is free, by the time you purchase specialty paper and all the ink cartridges needed to print full-color invitations you will have spent more than the cost of professional printing. Toss in the tedious folding, enveloping, stamping and mailing (all things your printing company can do for you), and it's a no-brainer: for the highest-quality, most economical printing, professional is the only way to go. Best of all, your whole family will be impressed with your Thanksgiving wording printed on a professionally finished invitation!