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Wedding Invitation Templates Make for Easy Sales

Good graphic designers don't get much downtime, but if you want to make extra money via a passive income it behooves you to take some time to create wedding invitation templates that you can sell at a discount on your website. Some customers do not have the desire or the budget to hire you for professional custom wedding design, but why let someone else get the business when you can offer an alternative that you can sell again and again? Here's what you need to know to make a passive income on wedding invitation templates.

Design popular niche wedding invitation templates

resources imageYou can design generic wedding invitation templates that fit just about any type of wedding, but if you do you'll face a ton of competition. Instead, you might be better off focusing on specific niche wedding invitation templates. You could, for example, create location-based wedding invitation templates for beach weddings, country club weddings, ski resort weddings and more. Or, go with designs for themed weddings such as Elvis weddings, gangster weddings, goth weddings and just about anything else. It doesn't hurt to have a few generic options on-hand, but if you offer niche wedding invitations you can weed through the competition and make easy sales.

Offer wedding invitations templates as alternatives

Whenever someone comes into your design studio that doesn't want to spring for a full custom design, pull out your template book and have them browse your selection. You can then order a batch to be printed and make money doing nothing else; or, you can offer to print names and/or replace template photos for a custom look on a budget. This way all you have to do is swap out text or a photo - the actual design will not be unique, but the wedding invitation itself will be. It's a great way for you to save your clients some money while still earning it on your own - without having to break your back for low-paying work.

Actively market your niche wedding invitation templates

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Remember when we said that you should design niche wedding invitation templates? That's because it will be  far easier to market your invitation services if you can actively market your templates - and having a niche will help you do that. Again, you can decide what level of involvement you'll have in the finished product: your customers can simply order blanks; they can have you place their photo and/or text in for a fee; or you can even set up your templates in an accessible format so your customers can finish them and send the invitation files back to you for printing. Set up a section of your website and advertise it under your chosen niche to drive traffic to your website and get potentially hundreds or even thousands of sales!