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Yoga Studio Marketing: Ideas and Resources

resources imageThis article is the final article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your yoga studio and make it a success. Try these creative yoga studio marketing ideas and resources to boost your business this year:

Host an event

See if you can get a celebrity on-hand or sponsor a musical act to increase awareness of your yoga studio. Or, announce a "Try Yoga Day" and offer sessions to all your market segments free of charge. You could alternatively host a conference, dinner, contest or publicity stunt to get free media coverage.

Partner with others

Partner with similar but non-competing businesses to offer hospitality packages. You might, for example, go in with a hotel and/or a masseuse to offer a "Stress Melt Package." Visiting patrons purchase the package when they get their hotel room (or purchase a meal from a restaurant, or buy directly from you or the masseuse, etc.), and they get a discount for purchasing all three services.

Target businesses

Give businesses free vouchers to give to their employees for yoga sessions. When they come in for their free sessions, you work to turn them into lifelong customers. You'll also get word-of-mouth publicity and great inter-office branding!

Be always visible

Make sure you have posters, flyers, banners and other materials placed in high-traffic areas so you can brand your yoga studio 24 hours a day. This builds your brand recognition, inspires trust and establishes credibility.


resources imageHere are a few links to yoga studio marketing resources you can use to bolster business. PsPrint - Full-service printing, direct mailing and mailing list generation. ]]>Yoga Journal]]> - Online magazine includes a section for yoga teachers that includes marketing tips. ]]>Yoga Teacher's Association]]> - A great resource for yoga teachers who want to run credible yoga studios and attract new students. ]]>Yoga Alliance]]> - Offers certifications which could enhance credibility in some yoga circles. ]]>American Yoga Association]]> - Not as refined as the other resources listed here, but still a good source of information. State and regional yoga associations - Simply run a quick online search for yoga associations in your city, state, and region to see what other resource exist to help you successfully market your yoga studio.