What is G7?


The G7 seal is a mark of industry-leading color quality and consistency.

PsPrint wants to offer our customers the best, most reliable printing, so we have taken the next step in color standards. We have completed the most rigorous qualification process: G7, which ensures that your design will look in print the way you designed it on screen. G7-qualified companies use the latest technology and uphold the highest standards to produce high-quality printing.

PsPrint is now a G7 Qualified Master Printer, offering the best color quality and printing consistency in the industry. All of our presses and digital print equipment are calibrated to G7 standards, ensuring the highest color accuracy every time no matter where the job is printed - from proof to press, one press to another press, and even facility to facility. Plus, we have certified G7 experts on staff to make sure all of our printing meets these high standards.

Whether you print 25 printed pieces or 2,500, PsPrint’s G7 master printer qualification promises predictable printing that you are sure to love.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Idealliance G7® Qualified Master Printer?

A: The Idealliance G7® Master’s program identifies qualified G7® Master printers as those printing companies that have been trained in and have implemented the G7® Proof-to-Print Process. They can produce proofs and print, using G7® calibration techniques. The G7® Master Printer qualification means that our company uses the most modern technology, techniques, proofing, press controls and standards required to produce a close visual match from proof to print.

Q: What is the benefit or sales advantage?

A: As a qualified G7® Master Printer, customers benefit from the best color management system available today. We use the G7® process to match color across multiple devices so that your print projects will have the same shared appearance, regardless of where or how they're printed. Our proofing systems and presses are G7® calibrated and our technicians are trained and qualified to produce repeatable consistent color and images from proof to press. We are pleased to be part of a very select group of printers who have earned this qualification, and we are excited to use this state-of-the-art process to meet your full-color printing needs.

- More accurate match between proof and press

- Standardized color appearance across multiple devices

- Consistently hit desired color targets

- Designed to align all processes, stock and inks

Q: Why do printers pursue a G7® Master Printer Qualification?

A: One of the challenges for printers today is the consistency between print devices, offset vs. digital and inkjet. To help manage the consistency of long-run (offset), short-run (digital) and large format ink jet technology, the G7® process is designed to minimize that variance.

Q: How does a printer become qualified?

A: Achieving the G7® Master Printer Qualification means that four Deluxe facilities have successfully completed rigorous training, testing and auditing, and we are committed to annual requalification to assure strict adherence to the process and to maintain our G7® Master Printer status.

For more information, visit  ]]>http://www.idealliance.org/]]>

Load G7 Color Profile

Download & Save



1) Launch Adobe Bridge.

resources image

2) Go to Edit > Color Settings.

resources image

3) Click on "Show Saved Color Setting Files" in the pop-up window.

resources image

4) A Finder window will pop up where you will see other .csf files.

5) Move the downloaded color profile .csf files into that location.

6) Once you have done so, quit Adobe Bridge.

resources image

7) Relaunch Adobe Bridge.

8) Go to Edit > Color Settings.

9) Select the GRACoL color profile.

10) Click Apply.

resources image