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[deluxe:tenant_accronym] Specialty Die-Cut Printing

Die Cutting

Get your printed piece into shape! Our die-cutting service lets you choose from a variety of shapes, which you can browse at our Die Gallery, ranging from circles and ovals to stars, hearts and Rolodex cards. For additional shapes and sizes contact us at diecutting@psprint.com .

For a truly unique look, let PsPrint make a one-of-a-kind shape for you. Custom dies are included in the price of your order*

How To Place Die-Cut and Foil-Stamp Orders

Die-Cut Printing Guidelines

You will need to upload :

3 Files to Start Your Custom Die-Cut Order

File 1

die cutting

Print File

A print file uploaded to the site and attached to the order, following all of our usual guidelines.

File 2

die cutting

Vector Die Line

A vector file that contains the die line of your shape as a black outline.

File 3

die cutting

FPO File

An FPO file (For Placement Only) showing the die line superimposed on top of the print file, uploaded to the account for reference, but not attached.

In order to ensure the best quality for your die-cut project, please follow these guidelines :

  • Make sure that your artwork fits the exact size and shape of the die you have selected
  • Be sure that the file includes a 1/8" bleed outside of the entire cut line.
  • Include a 1/8" safety area within the cut line where there is no text or important images.
  • If you have a border, it must be at least .25" on all sides.
  • Follow the application-specific file preparation instructions in our help center.
  • Failure to follow these instructions will result in your job being delayed.
  • Customers who need help creating these files can pay an additional $45 flat fee for our design team to assist them.

*Custom dies require proper die line and FPO files.  If you need assistance in creating these files there is a flat $45 charge for this service.