How To Check Your Image Resolution

If you’ve ever received an error message when placing your printing order with PsPrint, then this video is for you. We suggest you go to PsPrint’s Resolution page for tips on how to ensure your image will look its best on your printed product. We ask for images to be designed at 300 dpi so they will print clearly. If your image is not 300 dpi, please don’t do what a lot of people have tried: Changing your low-resolution, 72 dpi image to 300 dpi. See what happens? Instead, the best idea is to make sure your image resolution is at least 300 dpi before uploading it to PsPrint. You can do this in Photoshop or in Acrobat. To confirm you have a hi-res image, zoom in using Acrobat to 300 percent to see how your printed piece will look in your hands. Make sure there are no blur or pixilation artifacts in the image. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service at 800.511.2009.