Using Print Marketing for Real Estate Success

Real estate companies and agents rely on print marketing to brand their images, attract new clients and sell more homes. In an age of heavy digital competition with a need for local exposure, print marketing provides creative opportunities above and beyond business cards and yard signs for turning higher profits. If you can leverage the power of creative print marketing techniques, you can quickly become the go-to real estate agent for your market. Here are some creative real estate print marketing tips you can try this year:

Replace yard signs with yard banners

Traditional "For Sale" yard signs let home buyers know that a property is for sale, but then the property must sell itself from outward appearances alone. This is OK for some properties, but many properties have features that can't be seen from the street. Take-away flyers attached to yard signs is one common solution, but this technique still relies solely on the draw of the home's exterior to convince interested parties to take a closer look. Full-color vinyl banners, on the other hand, have the power to promote unseen features and can draw home buyers and investors who might otherwise have passed a property up. Large backyards, swimming pools and hot tubs, a large total square footage, a beautiful interior that contrasts with an exterior that could use a bit of work: All of these things warrant aggressive promotion that can be achieved with large- format vinyl banners.

Compile ultra-targeted mailing lists

You probably know that a targeted mailing list is essential for a successful direct-mail marketing campaign, but how far do you drill down demographics when you compile your lists? Local real estate agents often send out all-encompassing postcards and brochures; that is, they send out material that tries to hit both buyers and sellers at once. Instead, focus your campaign on just buyers or sellers - and don't include all buyers or sellers, either. Try targeting first-time home buyers, commercial property investors, young professionals seeking to upgrade, or any other sub-niche that has unique and well-defined real estate interests.

Turn newsletters into profit machines

Many real estate companies print newsletters to stay in touch with clients and potential clients, but few use newsletters to generate profits (or even to offset the costs associated with printing and mailing the newsletters). Use your newsletter to brand and promote your real estate company, but also solicit advertisements from complementary and non-competing businesses such as banks and lenders, mortgage brokers, insurance agencies, nonprofit organizations and others.