Travel Agent Marketing: What Do You Need?

This is the second article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market yourself as a travel agent. Once you've developed a powerful brand identity for your travel agency, it's time to get the word out about how you can help travelers get their dream vacations. The following details what marketing materials you need to successfully market yourself as a travel agent and land your clients in Hawaii, Cancun, Paris and beyond!

Must-have travel agent marketing materials

Posters - Posters are great marketing tool for travel agents because so many people relate to them. Artwork is easy: just get incredible destination photos and tout a special offer to get your customers to that destination. Posters are an easy way to get your brand name out and directly market special offers to the masses. Business cards - Business cards are a marketing staple and a definite must-have for travel agents. Everyone you meet should have your business card precisely because everyone you meet is apt to go on vacation. If they've met you face-to-face, they'll be that much more likely to trust that you're the person to make their arrangements and offer travel advice. When they're ready to be on the go, you need to make sure they have your business card to reference. Postcards - Postcards are the direct-mail marketing devices for travel agents. Postcards work will in virtually every industry, but they have more meaning for travel agents. Send a postcard of a famous destination with the words "Wish you were here? We can help you get there." It's a play on the tourist postcard sent back home, and it almost guarantees a look. If you have a special discount offer to attach to it, all the better. Flyers - Flyers, strategically placed on company bulletin boards, community walls, under windshield wipers and anywhere else are a great way to put the power of the poster in a smaller space. Calendars - Everyone loves (and uses) free calendars. Showcase your destination deals via printed calendars, and you'll market to your target audience 365 days a year. Website - Put up a website with destination deals, your philosophy, instant booking tools, appointment setting tools and a contact form; and make sure your URL is included on all of your printed marketing materials.