PsPrint Announces The Winners Of The 2014 Holiday Card Design Contest

DECEMBER 1, 2014 – OAKLAND, Calif. – After more than 150 contestants from all over the country submitted their festive designs, PsPrint, a ]]>Deluxe]]> company and leading online print production and design company, announced the winners of its 2014 Holiday Card Design Contest.

Contest categories included Best Design, Humor, and Pets & Animals. The three grand prize-winning designs, along with eight runner-up designs are all available for viewing on the PsPrint Blog.

"We are thrilled with the outcome. Our customers are extremely talented and creative, and the winning designs demonstrate that creativity," said Leslie Olsen, vice president of marketing. "Thank you to all the designers who submitted entries in the contest. The designs far exceeded our expectations."

Many of the contest winners were graphic designers and small business owners who seized this opportunity to promote their skills as well as their businesses.

Michael Muller, first place winner in the design category, is the creator of the ]]>"Adventures of Mirabelle"]]>. He has been printing with PsPrint for so long he can't remember when he started.

"I have all of our 'Adventures of Mirabelle' greeting cards printed with PsPrint,"said Muller."[I] love being part of things your great company has to offer."

Susan Castriota, first place winner in the pets and animals category, used the cover art from her latest children's book, ]]>"Wilson & Bella's Christmas Wish"]]> as the design for her holiday card. She donated half of her prize money to Angel Ridge Animal Shelter in Washington, Penn.

"It gave me great pleasure to help out the shelter, as I continue to do with several local shelters" said Castriota. "I am sending the cards to family, friends and customers. They are very handsome cards."

Thom Barbour, first place winner in the humor category, is PsPrint regular and the owner of the sausage business ]]>The Proper Beast]]>. He is also donating his cards to a worthy cause.

"This year, I will send cards to family, friends and clients, and donate the surplus cards to raise funds for a national literacy program ]]>(Reach Out and Read)]]> through an independent bookstore," said Banbour.

Fernando Sanzzi, who won the grand prize and third place in the humor category, has been printing with PsPrint since 2010. Sanzzi didn't learn about our design contests until earlier this year, when he submitted a design in PsPrint's Customer Artwork Contest in May, and won a $500 Amazon gift card.

"After that, I've been following all your contests," said Sanzzi. "I submitted three [designs], and the one that one was actually my wife's favorite, which make the win even more meaningful."

Click here to see all the winning designs

Best Design
  • Grand Prize: Angella Watterson
  • First Place: Michael Muller
  • Second Place: Joyce Evans
  • Third Place: Faye Klein
  • Grand Prize: Fernando Sanzzi
  • First Place: Thom Barbour
  • Second Place: Amy Flynn
  • Third Place: Fernando Sanzzi
Pets & Animals
  • Grand Prize: Sarah Snyder
  • First Place: Susan Castriota
  • Second Place: Sarah Snyder
  • Third Place: Tonia Suarez

Grand prize winners received a $2,000 Amazon gift card, and printing of 250 copies of their winning design. The first place winners received a $750 Amazon gift card plus 250 copies of their design. The second place winners received a $500 Amazon gift card plus 150 copies of their winning design. The third place winners received a $300 Amazon gift card plus 50 copies of their winning design.

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