Invitation Card Direct Mailing Services

Invitation Card Direct Mailing Services

Invitation Card Direct Mailing Services

Save time with the professional greeting card direct mailing services. We are the one-stop solution for printing, addressing and mailing:

  • Take advantage of the discounted postage rates
  • Upload the customer's mailing list

Greeting Card Mailing Service Includes:

  • CASS & NCOA Certification (single file) cover
  • Address Ink Jetting
  • Postal Pre-sorting & Drop-off
  • A Clear Tab Per Card or Sealed Envelope

Mailing Turnaround:

  • 2-5 Business Days + USPS Transit Time

USPS Postage Rates & Transit Times for Invitation Cards:

Card Size
USPS Postage*
In Transit – California*
In Transit – Nationwide*
All Standard
Invitation Card
First Class
$0.36 per piece
1-5 Business Days
2-5 Business Days
Standard Bulk
$0.252 per piece
3-10 Business Days
5-20 Business Days

*Estimates only.

Now that you’ve completed the customer's order for unique invitation cards, save even more time  with direct mailing service!

Fast, affordable and convenient. Already have a mailing list? Upload it and leave the rest to us. We’ll remove duplicate addresses so they won’t incur additional and unnecessary mailing costs and process the mailing list. We’ll look after CASS certification, inkjet addressing of the invitation cards and postal presorting and drop off. No more shipping to another third-party mail house!

Using the direct mail services for the invitations will put them in the mail within two to five business days. Additional charges may apply for some direct mail services.

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