Direct-Mail Mortgage Newsletter Tips

A direct-mail newsletter is a powerful tool for expanding your mortgage business potential. In fact, there's no better way to consistently get your message in front of your target audience and establish your credibility as the top expert - the person they need to see when they're ready to buy. A little bit of planning goes a long way, so take note of these direct-mail mortgage newsletter campaign tips to brand your company and achieve the profitable business and return on investment you deserve.

Make it valuable

If your brochure design template isn't print-ready, the quality of your finished printed piece will be at risk. Templates and images should be in at least 300 dpi resolution to be compatible with today's state-of-the-art printing presses. You should also determine whether your template is set up for bleeds and if it includes cutlines and a safety area. If you're not sure, ask your printing company if the template you're considering is a good choice. Online printing companies such as PsPrint have years of experience (and great brochure printing prices) so you would be wise to consult with them before you invest time and money in a pre-designed brochure template.

Get a template that fits

This is the most important thing you can do with your newsletter: make it valuable to your readership. If your newsletter is little more than a rolling advertisement, then it will have little value. Make sure your content has meaning and worth - that it addresses your readerships' desires, needs, fears and goals. What issues are important to your readers? Some companies provide mortgage newsletter content that you can plug in to your newsletters, and you can use this material; but it's far better to strive for original, localized content that directly affects your readership. You might want to consider hiring a copywriter to handle this aspect for you.

Consistency counts

For your newsletter to establish brand identity, it must be sent on a regular basis. Weekly, biweekly and monthly newsletters are best, depending on your budget. Quarterly newsletters can be used as well, though they admittedly lose some brand impact because your prospects only receive them four times annually. No matter how often you decide to publish your newsletter, make sure you're consistent not only in delivery but also in layout and design. Choose two or three basic interior layouts, and don't stray too far from your core colors. Images, graphics, charts, and graphs are all excellent visuals that enhance your design and keep your newsletter pages an easy read. Unless you have newsletter templates or are skilled in design, your best bet is to hire a professional graphic designer to handle this portion of your newsletter.

Don't be afraid to advertise

Just because your content should be valuable doesn't mean you shouldn't promote your business; however, keep opinions out of your newsletter articles. Graphic advertisements work well; but you can also include information in your bylines or write a personal column in each newsletter that connects your theme with products and services you can provide.

Get a great mailing list

JCurrent and past clients are good candidates for direct-mail newsletter delivery, but keep in mind that many of these individuals might not plan to purchase another home for many years, if ever at all. You can develop content to focus on other mortgage solutions such as equity loans and refinancing, to cater to this crowd. If you have a mailing list of prospects who are not yet clients (and you should), then use that as your newsletter circulation list. If your prospects read your newsletter, they're likely to come to you when they need your mortgage services.

Highlight happy customers

One of the best ways to promote yourself and engage your readership is to highlight happy customers in your newsletters. Show photos of your customers in their new homes with short testimonials about how you helped them get the home of their dreams. No matter how great your content and circulation list are, if your newsletter doesn't look professional it will not be read. Compare newsletter printing and mailing options using PsPrint's instant price quote widget - the online printing company provides industry-leading printing services that incorporate high-quality newsletter paper stocks and eco-friendly printing options that make you a winner in the eyes of your clients. Direct-mail mortgage newsletters are among the best ways to brand your business, establish trust and engage your prospects. Armed with these direct-mail mortgage newsletter tips, you can position yourself to lead the market in your area.