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How to Choose a Newsletter Name

How to Choose a Newsletter Name:

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Direct-mail newsletter marketing can be a powerful way to regularly connect with your audience, establish your authority and credibility, and ultimately influence more sales. Planning all the great content you’ll publish is exciting, but before you can print your first newsletter, you need to choose a newsletter name.

Our newsletter naming guide includes:
  • Why you should print newsletters – and why your newsletter name matters
  • Newsletter naming tips
  • Pick a newsletter name? What to do next

The following tips will help you create a catchy newsletter name that accurately represents your brand and resonates with your customers.

Why you should print newsletters – and why your newsletter name matters

Newsletter printing is a solid marketing strategy for many businesses and organizations. Schools and nonprofits print newsletters to mail to alumni, members, and donors. Hospitals and doctors send medical newsletters to patients. Financial firms and service companies send newsletters to clients. Corporations and nonprofits print employee newsletters. It begs the question: in the digital age, why do so many organizations print newsletters?

Because newsletter marketing works. Consider these print newsletter facts:

In addition to these measurable benefits, print newsletters are more personalized: they’re tangible and feel good in customers’ hands, they’re professional and establish credibility, and they can foster trust in your brand.

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If you want to maintain strong relationships with your customers or clients, newsletter marketing is a terrific way to do it – and you’ll need a great newsletter name. Your newsletter name matters because it sets the tone for your newsletter, suggests what customers will gain by reading it, and aligns with your brand to reinforce the image you’ve worked hard to establish.

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Newsletter naming tips

Whether you need ideas for education or school newsletter names, medical health or nursing newsletter names, business newsletter names, or nonprofit or church newsletter names, you can create a catchy newsletter name that represents your organization with the following tips.

1 Define the purpose of your newsletter

What is the purpose of your newsletter? What is the focus of the company newsletter? Start by identifying the overarching goal of your newsletter. Your newsletter should add value to your customers' lives with content they want to read. An excellent place to start is to make a list of questions your customers frequently ask to see if you can identify a common theme.

Jot down a list of words and phrases that describe the content of your newsletter. Poll your customers for ideas. Ask them what they want to know – a great way to develop article ideas.

Perhaps your newsletter is going to keep B2B customers abreast of important industry news, or alert consumers of home safety tips and developments. A well-defined purpose is the backbone of your newsletter name so, for example, saying that your goal is to "give commercial real estate investors a competitive edge" is much better than saying that your goal is to "relay industry news to investors."

Jot down at least five key phrases that describe the purpose, or mission, of your newsletter.

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2 Plan out your content

Create a month or two of sample newsletter titles. What will you write about in your newsletter? Do you have enough promising ideas to fill a newsletter each month? Is the information valuable to your customers? Does it lend itself to your ultimate goals: to establish trust, credibility, and earn sales?

Consider customer feedback, and search for newspaper/magazine article topic ideas online to plan your first three to five newsletters article by article so you have a good idea of what your content will be. Run your ideas by your best customers to see if they're legitimately interested in the topics.

Make a list of creative newsletter titles to try, then consider how each article idea relates to the next. Again, you’re seeking common ground: your newsletter name should hint at the content it delivers.

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3 Consider your unique voice

Now that you know the purpose of your newsletter, who you will be writing it for, and some content ideas, it’s time to consider how your unique voice influences your newsletter name.

Let’s say you want to write an investment newsletter.

  • If your voice is that of a reporter and your newsletter reports industry news, you might name your newsletter “Investment Times.”
  • If your voice is energetic and your newsletter is packed with opinions and tips for middle-class Americans, you might name it “Main Street Millionaire.”
  • If your voice is mistrustful and your newsletter reports investment scams and frauds, you might name it “Exposing Wall Street.”

The best company newsletters feature a strong voice that lends itself to the organization’s goals and branding.

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4 Convey reader benefits

By now, you should know what your newsletter readers want, but have you considered how that knowledge will benefit them? Some newsletter names convey the benefits of readership, which can be a fantastic way to spur interest from your target audience.

For example, let's say you want to create a money-saving newsletter aimed at middle-class moms in San Francisco. You could name your newsletter "Coupons" or "Couponing in San Francisco," both of which would be OK, but compare them to this: "Save a Grand in San Fran." A newsletter title like that would work perfectly, especially if the total value of the coupons it contained each month averaged $1,000 or more.

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5 Try jargon, synonyms, puns, rhymes, and alliteration

Create a list of industry jargon that might serve as inspiration for your newsletter name. Research synonyms and play with puns, rhymes, and alliteration that might help you create a catchy newsletter name that stands out. If it’s fun to say, people will say it – and remember it!

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6 Test it out

Once you have a shortlist of creative newsletter names, it’s time to test them out to see how they sound, look, and feel. Try the following:

Say it out loud:

it sounds funny or your newsletter name isn’t catchy, scrap it

Type it:

Type the name on your computer in the font and color you'll use in your printed newsletter. Is it easy to read? Does it make sense? Do the aesthetics match the tone of your newsletter content?

Search for similar newsletters:

Search online to see if there are other newsletters with the same or similar names. You want your newsletter name to be distinctive, and the last thing you want to do is print a newsletter that bears the same name as your competitor’s!

Ask for feedback:

Bounce your names off friends, family, customers, business colleagues, employees, and other people you trust to see how they respond

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Pick a newsletter name? What to do next

Now that you have a newsletter name, you can take the next steps.

Design your newsletter

Like your name, your print newsletter design should align with your branding. You can make your newsletter for free. If you're not a designer, you can search online for free editable newsletter templates, business newsletter templates, school newsletter templates, and more. Check out these newsletter design tips for more ideas.

In addition to paid and free newsletter templates, you can search for newsletter creator software or find a free newsletter builder. If you don't want to design your newsletter, you can hire a professional newsletter designer.

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Create your newsletter content

Professional newsletter printing is the best way to give your newsletter a credible appearance. Whether you’re investing in 11-inch x 17-inch newsletter printing or standard 8.5-inch x 11-inch newsletter printing, premium paper stocks and vibrant inks will make your direct mail newsletters more attractive.

Print your newsletter

Professional newsletter printing is the best way to give your newsletter a credible appearance. Whether you’re investing in 11-inch x 17-inch newsletter printing or standard 8.5-inch x 11-inch newsletter printing, premium paper stocks and vibrant inks will make your direct mail newsletters more attractive.
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Mail your newsletter

Mailing newsletters is the easy part: all you need is a mailing list (either in-house or one comprised of people who match your demographic targets). You can mail your newsletters yourself, or have your printing company handle the mailing for you.

Newsletter marketing is a great way to foster trust and build lifelong relationships with loyal customers. No matter what you name it, make sure your newsletter passes the eye test with premium newsletter printing at discount prices!