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10 Great Newsletter Story Ideas

When it is difficult to come up with enough material to fill your newsletter, or your newsletter isn't getting the response you want, it's time to think of new and different ways to present your material. Here is a list of 10 newsletter story ideas to help you with your next issue:

1. How-tos or tips

resources image There is no better way to establish yourself and your company as experts in your field than by providing free advice. Tips on how to use your products will further emphasize your expertise to your customers.

2. Current events

Keep abreast of hot news topics and current events and then let readers know how your company and clients are affected by these events. Examples can include seasonal events, such as the weather, as well as changes in laws and policies by the municipal, state or federal governments.

3. Employee profiles

Introduce your staff to your customers. This type of article should be informative about your employees and their qualifications. It should inspire confidence in your staff and your company overall.

4. Testimonials

Customer stories not only back up your business claims, they can add a fresh tone to your newsletter. Also, they may provide insight into new or innovative ways that your products are being used.

5. Community service

Good corporate citizens give back to the communities they serve. This can be in the form of donations or employee volunteers. Spread the news about how your company is involved in making the community a better place.

6. Product or service profile

Try to profile a different product or service that you provide in each issue of your newsletter. Not only is this is a great way to introduce new products or services, it can also be used to educate your customers about all your products or services, not just the ones they already come to love you for.

7. Refresh existing articles

If you have older articles that are not date specific, update them and reuse them in later issues of the newsletter. Do not do this too often though as it will become apparent, and you will actually lose readers and possibly customers.

8. Before and after stories

Before and after stories are a great way of showing your company and business in a positive light. Highlight successes by providing concrete examples of the situation and how your product or service benefited the client.

9. Specials

Newsletters can provide a forum for some direct marketing. If you are having a sale or some type of special event, use this space to let your customers know about it. Also, you can use your newsletter as a way of letting current customers know in advance about up and coming deals, sales, etc.

10. Customer profile

Customer profiles are similar to testimonials, but they are longer and more detailed. Interview a valued customer and quote them as to why they use your company, what products or services they use, why they remain a loyal customer, why they would recommend your company to others, etc.

Making a connection

resources imageNewsletters can engage your readers and add distinctive value in a way that inspires action through mutual trust and understanding. Newsletters can connect you with your customers on a personal level, and quality newsletter articles and material helps make a great impression that contributes to your long-term return on investment.