Education Partnership

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We here at PsPrint think knowledge is power. We offer super-fast turnaround and very competitive prices on important education print materials, including calendars personalized with your school’s logo, event tickets, recruitment brochures, bookmarks, envelopes and more.
Program Benefits
  • Professionally printed brochures, information sheets, booklets and calendars to help your school shine.
  • Custom printing is available for those unique projects.
  • Do you have a sales tax exemption? Please send your proof of exemption to for verification.


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What are the requirements to join the program?
You must be an education institution, or be able to prove education is the core part of your business. Please fill out and return the Education Program Application and return it with a copy of your current sellers permit if you wish to also have the tax removed from your account.

How fast will my application be processed?
Your application will be processed within 2 to 3 business days. If you have a pending order, please let us know when you submit your application, and we will attempt to process your request as fast as we can. If the order is urgent, feel free to submit it and email us your order number. If your account is approved, we can refund any discount or sales tax as needed.

How do I get pricing for items not available on your website?
Please fill out and return the Custom Quote Form that will be included in your welcome package. If you need another form, contact your account manager at

How do I set up a net/30 account with PsPrint?
Please fill out a credit application and fax to 510-444-5369 or email to The PsPrint accounting department will do a credit background check on your company and contact you with their final answer.

Do you offer templates or other resources online that I can utilize?
Yes, we have multiple templates for your use. We also offer a free online design tool in our customization gallery.

I don’t know where to start; do you offer graphic design services?
Yes, we do. Check out our graphic design services page on the website to learn more.


Check out our Resources or Help Center for questions to many commonly asked questions.

Still need help? You can email Customer Service, or give us a call at 800.511.2009.