Seven Unique Invitation Card Design Ideas

Unique invitation card design ideas

Invitation cards are fun and friendly ways to attract guests to celebrations and business events. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, retirement parties, confirmations, special sales, conferences, seminars, VIP nights, open houses and many other events all require invitations. As a graphic designer – or even as an event host or planner – you can easily tire of the store-bought invitation cards that rely on the same themes over and over again. You're looking for unique invitation card design ideas. And no matter why you're sending invitation cards, you can dress up your design with these unique ideas.

1. Calendar date

You could design your invitation cards to look like a calendar box with a large digit for the date and a handwritten note for the event, time, location and any special information. The best part? Your invitation cards can easily be placed on refrigerators as obvious reminders of the upcoming celebration, so no one misses the date.

2. Make it a challenge

If you know your audience well, you could make your invitation cards look like personal challenges. Events such as polar plunges, pub crawls and venture business events could start off with a phrase such as “For only the brave.” Appealing to this sense of personality can intrigue interest and motivate attendance to just about any event – even if it's just in jest.

3. Abstract design

Some invitation cards have photographs as centerpieces, others obvious designs that designate the nature of the event. You might, instead, have an abstract design as your centerpiece, similar to the ]]>wedding invitation design depicted here]]>.

4. Make it a ticket

Try creating invitation cards that look like tickets for your special event. You can include a unique ticket design, the time, date, location, and any special instructions, a map on the back, and even a bar code or scan strip. For inspiration, look up ticket designs to famous events such as athletic games, plays and movies.

5. Mysterious and elegant

Try a simple cover for your invitation cards that is both mysterious and elegant. One example might be an all-black matte background with small script white or silver text that reads “You're Invited.” Your guests will have to turn your invitation cards over or open to the inside to read the rest.

6. Map it

Take a cue from Google Maps and create your own map with a hot spot bubble for your special event. This is a creative invitation card design that doubles as a functional map to your location. In your information bubble you can include all pertinent event information.

7. Mini movie poster

Finally, you could turn your invitation cards into funny, romantic or action/adventure mini movie posters. For your design you could parody a well-known movie poster or genre of movie posters, or you could create your own movie poster design. In the “Coming Soon” bubble, you could include all the important information; or, you could include this information on the back of your invitation cards.