How to Make the Ultimate Party Invitations

Party invitations are some of the most enjoyable projects graphic designers do. It seems like the fun atmosphere associated with a party makes its way to the computer screen and into a designer's psyche whenever you have to come up with a creative way to invite people to a party. To boot, the creative freedom that goes along with party invitations gives designers plenty of license to come up with unique design ideas that dance off the paper. The following tips will help you create the ultimate party invitations.

Party invitation theme

Your first task is to choose a theme to create party invitations. For certain invitations, choosing a theme can be easy: Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and other well-recognized holidays and commemorative occasions present plenty of design inspiration. If your party invitation is for a niche club, such as a bicycling club or a book club, developing a theme is just as easy - plus, you can mix themes as needed to develop the perfect sentiment. Sometimes, however, party themes are not so evident and so developing a theme for your party invitations can be tricky. Consider a party invitation for a frat house that is hosting a party for the sole sake of partying. As a designer, you might work with your client to give the party a name and a theme; if they insist on a generic theme, you can fill your invitation with relevant party symbols and perhaps even draw on Greek mythology to craft your party invitations.

Party invitation font

You're undoubtedly aware that your party invitations need to include who, what, where, when and maybe even why along with instructions for party-goers (such as BYOB). It's important that you frame this important information in a font that matches your theme - so if the party is to be elegant, you'll need an elegant font; if the party is to be rowdy, you'll need a rowdy font.

Party invitation style

There are two great ways to print party invitations: you can go with a traditional fold-over greeting card style or instead choose a flat-sheet, postcard-style party invitation. The greeting-card style party invitation is perfect for formal engagements such as weddings and anniversaries. For more casual parties, you can print postcard-style invitations if you'd like. One benefit to doing this is that postcards are incredibly inexpensive to print and mail, so you can save money by designing your party invitations in a postcard style. No matter what party invitation style you choose, make sure you have it printed on premium paper stocks such as 16-point gloss or 13-point matte, which is  recycled so it carries the added benefit of being eco-friendly. Glossy paper stocks reflect light well and will help your party invitations pop with pizzazz, while matte paper stocks are best-suited for elegant parties with their deep, rich hues. Both are excellent paper stocks and will enhance almost any design.