Cocktail Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Cocktail Party Invitation Wording Ideas

If done right, there is nothing more fun or more elegant than a cocktail party. Your invitations should convey the mood you want at your gathering. Will your party be casual? Just your close friends who’ll love you no matter what cheap booze you serve? Will it be more of a mixer? Friends, neighbors, co-workers: a chance for all your worlds to collide in one room? And lastly, what attire do you envision your guests wearing as they’re mingling through your house making interesting small talk? These cocktail party invitation templates wording ideas will make it all clear so your guests aren't left in the dark. The casual cocktail Do you want your guests to be in relaxed attire and comfortable where the attention is all about the fabulous drinks you’re serving? Keep your party invitation simple and light.

It’s been a long week at work, now the weekend is here, Hang up the suit and tie and come have a beer. Forget about overdue reports and paper trails, Sit back, relax and have some cocktails. You’re invited to our home Friday at 7:00 To shake up martinis and shake off the work week.

Themed cocktail party Don’t dismiss this as cheesy. Theme cocktail parties are a big hit, and fairly easy to pull off. Who doesn’t love Mexican food, margaritas and cerveza?

Cinco de Mayo may be months away, But who needs an excuse for a little margarita madness? The fiesta begins at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday At Senior and Seniora Smith’s home

The elegant cocktail party What about the opposite end of the spectrum? Not much has been going on socially, and you have the most amazing little black dress hanging in your closet. It doesn’t look like there’s an opportunity in the near future to wear it, so why not create your own opportunity?

You and your favorite cocktail attire Are invited to a wine and cheese tasting Saturday, the 21st at 7:00 p.m. Heavy hor d'oeuvres will also be served.


You are cordially invited to attend a cocktail party In honor of your little black dress and fashion forward attire that you’re dying to wear. The red carpet will be rolled out Saturday, the 21st at 7:00 p.m.

The don’t-break-the-bank cocktail party Parties of any kind can get expensive. Include alcohol, and you have more than doubled your party budget. There is nothing wrong with asking your guests to bring their drink of choice to your soiree. Simply add to the end of any of your cocktail party wording something similar to:

We're having cocktails at nine Sweet drinks divine And you're invited to attend

The budget is low, but spirits are high So if you are planning on dropping by Do the host a favor and buy A bottle to bring, or a mixer or two To keep costs down and lighten the mood!

Please bring your own beverage to share and mingle! We expect a head count of 20 so a bottle or mixer will do!