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Best Business Invitation Wording Examples

Best Business Invitation Wording Examples
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If you’re hosting a business event you will undoubtedly need to print professional business invitations to create excitement and attract your target audience. Business invitation wording is key to your event’s success; the right invitation text creates desire, generates interest, and motivates guests to RSVP. In fact, great invitation wording can easily double event attendance. The following tips will help you pen the perfect business invitation wording every time.

1 Start with the basics: the 5 W’s

Begin by listing all the information you need to include in your business event invitation wording, including the 5 W’s:

  • Who (Who is hosting the event? This could be your company, a division in your company, or a manager, employee, or owner)
  • What (What is the name of the event?)
  • When (When will the event be held? Include the date and time)
  • Where (What is the address of the event? Will it be held in a specific area, such as the cafeteria or auditorium?)
  • Why (Why is the event being held? What benefits can guests expect? What will the experience be like?)

You’ll need to work each of these into your invitation text to make it easy for your guests to understand why they should attend your event, when it is, and how to get there. Your invitation wording will also need to include any additional information, such as:

  • Special offers or incentives
  • Event schedule
  • Whether attendees are allowed to bring guests
  • Anything attendees should bring
  • Attire (formal or casual, if it’s not evident in the event description)
  • Catering information (list your menu if the event is catered; if guests have different menu options, let them choose via RSVP)
  • RSVP information (should they respond via mail, phone, online, text, etc.?)

Once you’ve listed the information you need to include, you can start writing your event invitation wording.

Establish the atmosphere

Consider your event atmosphere, and match your invitation format accordingly. For example, corporate event invitation wording might be strategically different than business lunch invitation wording, which would differ from cocktail party invitation wording.

Similar to event attire, your invitation format should reflect a formal or casual setting. Use formal invitation wording or corporate invitation wording for:

Formal invitation wording often incorporates phrases such as:
  • The honor of your presence is requested…
  • [YOUR COMPANY] requests the pleasure of your company…
  • You are cordially invited to…

Not all corporate invitation wording needs to be formal; birthday party invitation wording or Christmas party invitation wording, for example, can be casual. The same could be true for business lunch invitation wording and even Halloween party invitation wording, as well as employee appreciation events, concerts, and other fun corporate event invitation wording.

Casual invitation wording often incorporates phrases such as:
  • You’re invited!
  • Please join us
  • It’s a party
  • Don’t miss this…
  • And any fun and entertaining phrases you’d like to include
Other invitation tips include:
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    Keep it simple

    Plain fonts are preferable because they’re easy to read

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    Your headline

    should make it clear your audience is receiving an invitation to a special event

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    Use plenty of white space

    to increase readability and comprehension

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    Centering the text

    is acceptable and often preferred

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    Standard business invitations

    are typically no longer than 14 lines

Business invitation wording examples

Use these business invitation wording examples to spark inspiration when you print your own custom invitations.

Awards ceremony
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Company anniversary
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Business open house
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Corporate Christmas party
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Formal business luncheon
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Trade show or conference
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1 Business invitation templates

You can make your own custom business invitations online with free business invitation templates and our online invitation maker. It’s a terrific way to add a personal, branded touch to your business invitations – which lends credibility, authority, and trust.

How to design business invitations online:
  • 1 Choose your favorite business invitation template and color scheme from the design library (you can filter by category, such as birthday invitation templates, retail sale invitation card templates, and holiday invitation templates, among others)
  • 2 Open the template in the design tool, then follow the simple point-and-click prompts to add your own custom text, upload your logo and other images (for example, a team photo of your employees), and adjust the layout however you’d like
  • 3 Review and approve your artwork, choose your custom invitation printing options, and your business invitations will be delivered to your door in a few days It’s the fastest and easiest way to print professional-looking business invitations with a custom appearance. You can even print matching envelopes, print envelope seals bearing your logo, and print return address labels featuring your branding.
Several invitation templates

If you’re inviting a lot of guests to your corporate event, you can upload your mailing list and let PsPrint handle the address and mailing for you – a perfect way to save time, money, and hassles.

Whether you’re inviting guests to a corporate Christmas party or a special business seminar, the right invitation wording will help you achieve success. Pair it with custom design and professional printing to attract more guests to your next business event. Increase ROI with discount business invitation printing services today!