Retirement Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Retirement Party Invitation Wording Ideas

When an employee retires after years of loyal service, the event is worth commemorating. Regardless if the exiting employee wants little to no fan fare, a sincere company sendoff for the retiree can hold a twofold purpose. First and foremost, you are showing your appreciation as an employer for years of dedicated service. Second, it is a strong motivating factor to existing employees because it demonstrates that companies do appreciate an employee’s valuable years of service. Of course, you want as many people as possible at such a retirement party; and the best way to get them there is to send out invitations. If you're at a loss for words, try these examples of retirement party invitation wording for a huge sendoff.

A riddle

What do the CEO
The vice president
The human resource manager
The office temp
The IT department
And the maintenance man
All have in common?
They will all be fighting over the last piece of cake
At Harold Martin’s retirement party
After 25 years of invaluable service
Harold is retiring from Company Name.
He will be greatly missed but we wish him well
As he starts a new chapter of his life.
Join us in saying farewell to Harold
On date and time
Conference room B, Building 100

Retirement roast

He wants no party or a fuss
Just to quietly retire
Wonder how he’ll fill his days
It won’t be missing us!
We know he won’t be fishing
He doesn’t have a boat
Or going into politics
He wouldn’t get a vote
Helping out with house work?
His desk was never clean
Maybe volunteer work?
No, he can be mean
Watching daytime talk shows
He has no patience for that
How ”˜bout run a marathon?
Oh wait, he’s a tad too fat.
He should rest a little bit
He’s earned the right to be lazy
But think about his poor dear wife
You know he’ll drive her crazy
There has to be some hobby
Something he can do
What about wood working?
He might lose a finger or two
Maybe take up opera
But he can’t sing a note
One thing we’re all in agreement is
We’ll really miss the old goat
Even though it’s all in fun, we are really going to miss Bill Jones.
He’s been out fearless leader in good times and bad.
Happy Retirement, Bill!


In honor of his 30 years of continuous, loyal service to the company
You are cordially invited to attend a retirement party for
Bill Jones, V.P. of International Sales.
Bill joined company name in 1980 as a junior sales representative
and has been instrumental in the development
of the International Division of Company Name
Date and time
Banquet room
City, State
Please RSVP by date to Marcy in the Events Dept.