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Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Birthday party invitation wording ideas

Let’s face it; above the age of maybe 21, no one looks forward to their birthday. And past the age of 30, we quietly let each birthday pass with no pomp and circumstance. Perhaps if we don’t acknowledge it, it doesn’t happen. We cringe when the checkout person glances at our license and has to remind us, and the person in line next to us, that’s it’s our birthday. Of course, some embrace their birthdays with a child's heart, celebrating each notch in the wall with flair. For the rest of us, however, each birthday reminds us that we are further from our youth and one step closer to the senior special at the family buffet. Yet, it’s in our sadistic nature to want to remind others of their impending birthdays. Misery loves company. That’s why there is a certain amount of spirited fun in throwing a birthday bash for an adult. If you're in charge of organizing such a birthday bash, try out some of the following invitation wording ideas.


40th birthday male

You thought this day would never come It could never happen to you Others would wrinkle and others would age “Poor things, what can they do?” But as the days pass you do start to notice Some things that weren’t there before Guess it’s bad lighting, or distorted mirror Or maybe it’s just what you wore Your temples are graying, but it must be the sun Your shirts are a little tight, too The dryer is shrinking all of your clothes Better buy some new The bulbs in your lamp are so bright that you squint Maybe a dimmer would do That cute waitress said you look like her dad “Wow, her dad must be really young, too” Time to face facts, your youth is gone There’s nothing you can do So dye your hair, buy a corvette, deny your age And move on! Let’s all celebrate John’s birthday With a huge “in denial I’m 40” party Date and time Neighborhood Senior Center Address City, State Gag gifts preferred

Forever 29

Attention: Friends and Family On June 10th Kate Moore turns 29 again And, as in the years past since this is her last year in her 20s let’s make this the best 29th birthday party yet. Time to help Kate finally say goodbye to her 20s And hello for good to her 30s

The Party (aka Age Intervention) Will begin at time on date Location Address City, State

21st Birthday

You are invited to attend The Legalization of Amy On date and time

Amy Clark has finally turned 21 Even though we have lost a designated driver We have gained a beer runner

The festivities will be held at Paddy’s Bar Formerly known as “the place that won’t let her in” Address City, State We have reserved the Shamrock room We will be introducing Amy to some friends of ours Jack, Jim, Evan and Jose