Invitation Wording Examples for Any Occasion

Invitation Wording Examples for Any Occasion
Need some great invitation wording examples for a unique occasion? Get inspiration from the invitation wording examples below! Housewarming party

The moving trucks are finally gone All dishes are put away The final box was broken down Looks like we’re here to stay Join us to christen our new place With food and wine and beer To finally make our house a home To all who enter here. We will be “warming our house” On date and time Address City, State

Stock the bar

You are invited to a Stock the Bar party for our dear friend John. The guy with the perpetually empty bar. Bring a bottle of your favorite spirit or any accessory that you think would make a perfect addition to any self-respecting bar. Belly up to the bar on Sat. May 10th 7:00 p.m. until last call Location Address City, State

Chili cook off

You are invited to put your culinary skills to the test at John and Jill’s first annual chili cook off. You think you have the winning recipe to beat your fellow contestants? Chili will be judged on spiciness, flavor and originality in a blind taste test. Prizes awarded for first, second and third place. Bring the heat and come hungry. Destined to become a tradition. Date and time Location Address City, State

Oscar party

You are cordially invited to attend a viewing party for the 86th annual Academy Awards. Please come camera ready as you will be interviewed while walking the red carpet. Votes will be cast for your Oscar picks before the telecast begins. Prizes will be awarded to guests with the most correct votes. Sunday, date and time Location Address City, State

Bridal shower

Something new, something black, something lacy, Something red, something silky, something racy. Something to make his heart skip a beat, Something sheer to knock him off his feet. Something sexy, something tight, Something perfect for her wedding night. Join the bride to be for a lingerie shower in her honor On date and time Location Address City, State RSVP by date Bra size, panty size, bride prefers short gowns only

Going away party

It’s with sadness that we say goodbye, bon voyage, so long, aufedersein, Aloha, ciao, later, hasta la vista, till we meet again, to our dear friend Susan. This town won’t be the same without you. Join us on Date, time To raise a glass to Susan to toast her new life in a new city. At location Address City, State

Kindergarten graduation

She learned to color and her ABCs, Excuse me, may I, thank you and please. Sharing her toys and having nap time, Writing her name and nursery rhymes. Learning her numbers and adding them too, Her face lightening up when she found something new. It’s goodbye to Kindergarten and the classroom where she played, Our little girl is growing and moving on to the first grade. You are cordially invited to attend the graduation of the 2010 Kindergarten class of Meadow Elementary School Date and time School location Address Classroom number City, State