Creating your entries for the contest will involve two steps. First you will want to create a print ready file, so you can have you image(s) printed if you should win, or should you chose to print your design(s). Start by downloading the correct template from the choices below, and work with this template at 300dpi in CMYK color mode in the design program of your choice.

Once you are done, save this file for later use (do NOT use this 300dpi file for contest submission).

To then create your file for contest entry, please take your 300dpi image and scale it down to the dimensions listed below, and save it in the file and color profiles noted. Save this image as another file name separate from your 300 dpi version. You can then submit this file to the contest in the category of your choice.

Holiday Cards – Contest Entry Version

  • Final image is intended for the front face only of a 5”x7” greeting card
  • Image submitted should be 5”x7” (portrait) or 7”x5” (landscape)
  • Image should have a dimension of 500×700 or 700×500 pixels
  • Image should be set to RGB color mode
  • Image should be 1MB in size or under
  • Image should be saved as a jpg or pdf