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Colors of Success: Rock Wall Wine Company


Known for their award-winning, rich, fruit-forward Zinfandels and crisp sparkling wines, Rock Wall Wine Company]]> is a family-owned winery launched by father-daughter winemaking team Kent and Shauna Rosenblum in 2008.

The Wine Story

Located in Alameda, California, Rock Wall Winery is situated in a converted airplane hangar in what was once a Naval Air Base. A staple in the urban winemaking scene, the winery boasts gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay, and – more importantly – serves award-winning wine.

Such a remarkable place requires remarkable marketing. Rock Wall Winery has been printing cheers-worthy marketing materials with PsPrint since they launched.

“Print marketing is tangible. It's something that's really nice to touch and see and feel,” said Shauna Rosenblum. “Online marketing is very important, too, but there's something that - it just can't be replaced. Everyone can go on the internet and say, oh I like this. And then 15 minutes later, you can't even remember what it was that you were talking about or which you liked. But something that you take with you - again, something tangible. You take this out of your purse, I remember I had this. That's right. Put it on the refrigerator. It's a nice reminder.”

Rosenblum said she started printing with PsPrint before she even started Rock Wall Wine Company.

“My relationship with PsPrint goes back into my undergraduate days," she said. "All of my art show flyers I printed at PsPrint. They had vibrant colors, and I had ridiculous specifications that I needed to be met. And everyone was awesome and super friendly, and able to do exactly what I needed.”

So when it came time to do print marketing for Rock Wall, Rosenblum knew exactly where to go for the best printing.

“PsPrint: Hands down, that's the way to go,” she said. “They're good people and they do a good job. PsPrint is awesome.” Rock Wall Wine Company prints all of their print marketing with PsPrint, including postcards for events, bumper stickers, brochures and their foil-stamped business cards, which always make a shining impression.

“There’s a very talented group of graphic designers there that we really appreciate. It's been a decade now that we've been printing with PsPrint,” Rosenblum said. “We've got 10 years under our belt, and we're not going anywhere. We love PsPrint.”

Featured Products

From left to right: 2-inch by 3.5-inch business cards printed on 14-point C2S with a shiny gold foil stamp; 3-inch by 5.5-inch oval sheet stickers ; and 4-inch by 6-inch postcard printed on 14-point C2S gloss cover paper stock.

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